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How old am I: I'm 47 years old
What is my nationaly: Danish
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got cold gray-blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is my gender: I am female
What I like to drink: I like to drink tequila
Stud: I don't have piercings

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The latest hairball is over a high-end costume brand.

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So this is not a casual, walk-into-a-store-and-buy-it thing. Looking back, Zweitesich's founder sees where it went wrong. Furries have become more common in popular culture, with brands as large as Disney appearing to wink at them. As parts of the fringe subculture creep toward the mainstream, the furry fandom is grappling with what it means to go commercial.

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For decades, furries got no love in mass media, which cast them as weirdos. TECH Disinformation. Kelly Weill Reporter. Fursuits often come from specialized deers, many of whom are furries themselves.

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Ina Colorado furry convention imploded over allegations that its founders misrepresented their tax-exempt status and allowed Nazi furries to run rampant. Even conventions that claim to be non-profits are sometimes fudging their record.

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Furries Are Furious. Sneakerhe buy Supreme sweatshirts. Topaz announced that she was putting the project on hiatus while she dealt with stress from the backlash.

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Sometimes furries make their own suits. And now furries might have their own ultra-luxury brand.

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The Furry Fandom revolves around creativity and individuality, the idea of commercialization has a hard time fitting into that equation [ It really got to the root of this possessiveness that the subculture has about itself and what it built for itself. Like many in the scene, she goes by a pseudonym, which she ditched in favor of the brand name.

The subculture is suspicious of people trying to cash in on them. Even as furries plan outreach for their events, they worry about over-exposure, said Dralen Dragonfox, cofounder of Howl Toronto, a monthly club night for Canadian furries. Then you have send that off.


There was also the matter of Zweitesich selling pre-made suits, as opposed to the custom suits furries covet. The branding problems began when she tried to hire non-furry to market the new brand, she said in a statement.

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Updated May. So almost as soon as Zweitesich launched, the company became the center of a catfight. Crossword Newsletters.

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That's when the trouble began, she said. H ollywood starlets wear Gucci.

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Furries took issue with the high-fashion stylings, assuming it to be the work of a larger company, rather than one artist. While historically nerdy pastimes like gaming and cosplay go mainstream, furries have largely escaped mass commercialization.

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You'll find that quite a few furries are outspoken socialists or communists and there are very few right-wing furries. The conflicts can hit pillars of the furry community. Furry convention organizers sometimes get slammed for not registering the events as non-profits.

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But some of that fringe factor might be fading.