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Swiss skype Why boy suck chatting

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Why Does Skype Suck

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Is it just me, or does Skype get worse with each iteration? No unneccesary bells and whistles, a simple interface and you could change everything to your liking. This also worked fine for a while even after Microsoft took over. And then they seemingly decided to deliberately fuck it up for everyone. And they may have been right, if they stopped thinking there and concentrated on updating the look and maybe add a couple bugfixes here and there.

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You're complaining about Skype? The only way to notice is if you have a different copy of Skype that did capture that fragment, or if you completely remove and reinstall Skype. Reply Quote 8 2 Replies Last reply. The context menus and buttons are all the same. Then let me run it in my browser of choice, instead of making me install a browser for each fuckin app. And, no, that button on the top right is to add another person to the conversation. Zecc I was on the receiving end of an updated Skype this weekend.

Oh, the memories, oh, the pain And then I changed jobs and learned that thah company had subscription for Skype Business.

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As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. God, that's shitty. Now I know how Blakey feels when his shit threshold is passed. Not only did I hear myself louder than I heard my parents, with every second of the call the of words they could fit in before they got cut off decreased.

And if you don't like it, just make another software platform that implements completely sandboxed, install-free execution of any apps, is an open standard, and is deed to be portable to any kind of device. Hard to tell. No, we need to be able to react to each message individually.

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Also they are flatter now, because of course they are. I guess everyone got a screen upgrade to retina resolution What you can do is use keyboard shortcuts.

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Reply Quote 18 1 Reply Last reply. Also a group seems to be something like a conversation, so if you add or remove someone from a group that will affect other people in that group, I guess?

Why does skype for business suck so bad?

No wonder he's insufferable so often. Apparently the Emoticon picker on the left side and the Moji picker on the right side of the message input weren't enough.

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Then, Microsoft being Microsoft, quality began to predictably decline almost immediately. Skype on my PC auto-updated to some new that prioritizes viewing past conversations and not having a list of online contacts. All that does is give me a popup version of the left panel. Want to tell people you're not in front of the computer so they don't bother talking to you? Yes, running a browser-based app is more efficient.

Seriously, just look at the size of those things. A stupid smiley button after each message. That's gone. Hell, it's almost at SSDS standards at this point. Go look at the edit history if you're curious.

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Also you'll need to go back in time like 20 years when it was the fucking time to do so. Contacts lists are gone. So you're never truly away? My parents got blackmailed into updating their laptop which of course lead to some of the most excruciating moments of my life.

Why does skype suck and is a useless piece of garbage?

I want my frickin icons back!!!!!!! Surely you've got skype on your phone? How do I? But I still don't know how to increase the font size. My hatred grew when my former employer forced this shit on all employees. This topic has been deleted. It's a whole another world of WTFy stuff all over the place.

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Skype was really the only IM client worth having, right up until Microsoft bought it because it was the only IM client worth having. Anyone who has ever used the Android version knows that it's not exactly great either which only goes to show how much of a disaster the new PC version is. Giant ass emoticons, when on a message by themselves.

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Tough luck. You are pretty late to the "I hate Skype" party.

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Filed Under: Your straitjacket will be brought to you shortly. S kype K ills Y our P uppy E veryday. This is below discourse standards at this point. At least their UI is consistently horrific. I'm pretty sure they've switched around the order of the buttons to accept and reject a call, because these past few days I've been having to make a double take before pressing the right button. I don't actually need it, but thanks.

Oh like somebody else said you should try Skype for Business. They have like implementations that they rewrite every couple years, so it's hard to keep track, but I think most of them have historically been accurately described as "sucky".

Still Skype, but it's always a step up - I thought. Which you always carry with you? You wanted to create lists to organize your contacts? It was even worse. Thankfully the zoom levels stayed between opening them each time.

Why does skype for business suck so bad?

After the recent office update I had to add both s to into one Onedrive. But apps have been converging over the last year. It's a first-winner-takes-all economy after all. Oh, you had already created lists grouping your contacts? Only users with topic management privileges can see it. At the start a short sentence would get through. But yeah it would be nice MS could allign those things instead of just giving them the same name. It's good to know. Create new groups instead.

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Two minutes later, they couldn't get two words in. Look, we can zoom out quite a lot:. If I disable versioning on a Sharepoint library those options wont be available either. No amount of me yelling at my boss will get us to move off of Skype, but maybe Skype will finally suck so bad even my bosses will realize how much shit it really is and move us to something that offers something even AOL thought of in the 90s. Stay connected with friends and family on Skype for Web and enjoy group video calling, instant messaging and much more right from your browser.

What the Daily WTF? Register. Calling someone I haven't talked to in a while is now a huge hassle.

Beware: skype may kill your network

Which is a perfectly normal thing because browsers are full-blown software platforms, and they happen to be much, much better at running software than Windows at least pre-UWP or Linux. Solution: just uninstall Skype and tell Windows that you don't want it, and to never install Skype again. Several repeated calls later we finally gave up and they switched to using the Android version on their phone. Edit: moved text around for clarification. Haha, fuck you. There's a thread for those.

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It's the approximately the same thing, except you get to recreate them all over. The floating popup of an ongoing conversation is like twice taller of what it was before. That works.

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Skype always sucked and I always hated it. I love how if Skype is "running" but minimized or otherwise unable to deal with the notwork, large fragments of conversation will pass it by without a trace. I couldn't get the font size bigger on goddamn SSMS last year. And you know what?