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Yes, there are actually legitimate reasons why men are into women who wear these socks.

Why Are Thigh High Socks Attractive

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in. I am interested in trying new things as I get back into dating. A friend of mine recommends giving thigh high stockings and sexy lingerie a try, however I have never worn thigh highs before.

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If you're a singer or dancer, try a pair of sheer black knee highs to give your performance some extra kick.

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Once you realize how easy it is to add style and comfort to any outfit, you'll want to wear knee socks all the time. Choose some red or green knee-highs which can be worn throughout the year, or go all-out with some Christmas patterned socks fit for a family gathering on December 25th. Some sports where knee socks are commonly worn: Skating. Because of their popularity during several historic eras, knee socks naturally lend themselves to creating a retro look.

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Even if you're single, it's a fun way to get in the spirit and spread the love. Show your team spirit and play your best with fun and fashionable knee-socks. Newsletter up Address. The style and comfort that a simple pair of knee socks add to your wardrobe can't be beat. Christmas Get in the Christmas spirit with one of our many fun styles.

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They have a sexy retro vibe which brings to mind sultry jazz singers and burlesque performers of the 's. Find some inspiration for your next Halloween costume and find the perfect pair of knee socks to go with it.

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Patrick's Day, your green-and-white, shamrock-patterned knee-socks could be the thing that really sets your outfit apart from everyone else's. Sweetest Day Since the 's, Americans have been celebrating Sweetest Day and honoring their loved ones, from sweethearts to friends and coworkers.

How to wear thigh highs out of the bedroom

Knee socks are a classic accessory for any student, but they don't have to be paired with a school uniform or plaid skirt. Add a pair of fun American flag knee-highs to celebrate Memorial Day or neon firework-patterned ones to brighten up the 4th of July. Knee-high socks have been around for many generations. They're SEXY No matter how conservative or covered-up your outfit is, knee socks add undeniable sex appeal to any look, as they accentuate the curves of your calves and show a flash of skin above your knees.

Home 10 Reasons to wear Knee High Socks.

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Maybe it's because there are so many ways to style a look which incorporates knee socks. They continue to gain in popularity, and for good reason! Some sports where knee socks are commonly worn:. Halloween is such a perfect holiday for knee socks that we've written a guide on which are the best knee-high socks to complete a long list of costumes.

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Simply add a flapper dress and flats for a 's look, or a flowing bohemian dress and tall suede boots for a '70s feeling. They're SPORTY Many athletes wear knee-high socks in various sports, as part of a team uniform, or as a natural choice for performance and comfort.

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Sweetest Day falls on the third Saturday of each October and often involves gifts of cards, flowers, and candy. They can be dressed up or dressed down for formal or casual occasions depending on your choice of the socks' fabric, length, color and pattern.

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Who needs a reason to wear such a great accessory? They are made of super soft material which feels wonderfully comforting against your skin.


Our socks are deed with extra stretch to ensure they stay in place all day without being adjusted. They're Perfect for Entertainers Knee socks are widely used in the world of entertainment. They're CHIC From the runway to the street, knee-high socks have always been popular with the fashion crowd all over the world, and they show no s of stopping.

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You don't have to sacrifice style to enjoy the incredible comfort of knee socks. Halloween When you are invited to a Halloween party, hosting a party at home, or out trick-or-treating, knee high socks could make your Halloween Costume just one step above the rest.

They are also so cute and comfortable when you are just lounging at home in your PJ's. You can use knee socks to add style to an outfit with a mini-skirt, mini-shorts, capris, dress, jeans and even boots.

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Let the colors of your American pride and freedom fly with a fun pair of knee socks. They can be worn with almost any outfit and look great in the halls of your high school or college campus.

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No matter who you are or what you do, you'll find a reason to fall in love with knee socks. They're the perfect accessory to add warmth and protection to your legs while keeping your look interesting and fashionable. Check out our variety of fun styles to get you in the St. Patrick's Day spirit. They can look elegant and classy, but they're also ideal for lounging in ultimate comfort as you sip a cup of tea by the fire or relax with friends at a movie marathon. When they weather turns unfriendly, you'll always have knee socks to keep you warm and stylish. There are a variety of movies where this hot accessory is featured or sported.

Because knee socks have a young, sporty feeling by their nature, you can have fun contrasting their youthful look with an otherwise grown-up or conservative outfit. Valentine's-themed knee socks also make a great gift for your fashion-forward sweetheart that she'll remember you for when she wears them all year round.

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They're WARM Knee socks can be worn to stay warm at a sporting event, when camping, skiing, shoveling snow, or for any other reason you might think your legs would be cold. They have an innocent, feminine charm that makes them a fashion classic. They're Great for the Holidays Knee socks have a place in your everyday wardrobe throughout the year, but here are plenty of holidays that could require an awesome pair of themed socks, such as:.