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Bad fingering was understandable back then, but we should be older and wiser now, thanks to porn, how to finger a girl guidance articles and practice. For some girls, the only way they can come is via clitoral stimulation.

What To Do While Getting Fingered

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Ah, hand stuff. But your hands are unsung heroes when it comes to sex, and you can be doing so much more with them. If you want to get a grip on the best handjob technique, the first thing to do is use your mouth - by talking you can use it in other ways later. If it feels comfortable, you can ask your partner to masturbate and show you exactly how they like to touch or stimulate their genitals.

How old am I: 22
I prefer: Guy
Hair: Dark-haired
I like: In my spare time I love sports
My piercing: I like my surface piercing

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That turns me on like nothing else. Last but not least he is there for you so when you feel overwhelmed by the pleasure feel free to stop all aforementioned activities and just enjoy yourself, perhaps leaving only your hands lying on his body so he feels more of your warmth. I love boobs, so, damn, much.

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I asked him about it, he said he's fine with our current system lol. I think the noises and the big kiss I give him at the end lets him know I am thankful haha. Scratch back. I feel like he could be sometimes though.

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I guess if he says he enjoys what were doing already I'm probably doing okay. It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations which demands respectful conduct in all exchanges.

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But if you are bored just play with his balls. What can I do while getting fingered? Also on a technical note ive noticed it helps to keep your legs spread wider than it seems to be necessary so he has more maneuverability. My boyfriend is amazing at fingering me, but I feel like I should be doing something while he's taking me to happy town.

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Better still he may tell you what he wants to do next and let the images of that fill your mind while his fingers work your body. Just chill and enjoy yourself! Posted by 10 years ago.

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Biting lip, licking finger, etc. There's absolutely nothing wrong with lying back and enjoying yourself. We aren't "talkers" lol. Don't worry about him this is you time.

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Continue this thread. Let him know how good it is, run your hands through his hair, play with your boobs or let him suck on them, moan loadly, and for his ego when finished say thanks, I needed that ;D. Possibilities are endless. Found the internet! I should do that. He's got the clit covered :p. There is a ton of things you can do: Kissing, playing with his dick, grabbing his hair, caressing his body, licking his chest, playing with your boobies, pushing with your pelvis against his hand and grinding, telling him how good you feel and exacly which of his actions turn you the most, biting your lips, moaning, interlocking your fingers with his spare hand, grabbing and squeezing his back, maintaining a eye contact, telling him to stop playing with fingers and to fuck you hard with his dick, guiding his touch and demanding stuff or begging for it.

Ask him what he wants. He may want you to do something to him or yourself while he let's his fingers do the walking.

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No exceptions. Seriously, lay back and enjoy yourself. Get him to come to vag level, similar to a blowjob and grasp at his hair and touch his face. I pretty much do that, I might try whispering stuff to him? I dunno I just breath hard in his ear when we're not making out.

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I find usually girls will just do whatever they want to do that makes it feel better. Play with your tits, the imagery will excite him further. If he stays face level just continue to kiss him unless he dictates othewise, he may just like watching you submit to his handywork heeheehoho! He may want to tell you a story. Extra hot would be also to grab hand he uses to finger you, in the middle of the act, and lick all his fingers to taste your pussy juices do not break eye contact when doing that we love our girls to be comfortable with their bodies!

But honestly I'm fine just having her lay back and enjoy it. But the writhing around is good to. Talk to him and work it out. However, most women find that to really get as much pleasure from the act as possible, they have to just relax and focus on the stimulation itself.

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He may have some fun with you and tell you that he will stop for five seconds every time you move or make a sound. Sort by: best.

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Play Angry Birds or Jeweled on a smart phone? He just looks so bored sometimes I guess it would be kind of difficult to enjoy as much if I did anything else. Created Jan 25, Top posts march 13th Top posts of march, Top posts Back to Top.

Any tips? Never bored! Just make sure you reciprocate and you're fine!

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