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I liked seek Vixskin that loves reviews

I ordered the VixSkin Maverick impulsively one night when I was having a major craving for girthy silicone cock. This is not usually something I crave.

Vixskin Maverick Review

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For those who venture on, I promise to pack this review with as many bad jokes as I can! The cold, hard facts: See? The firm core gives the Maverick great structure while a soft, squishy outer layer mimics human flesh. It has a flared suction cup base that makes it easy to a use manually, b stick to a smooth surface, or c use with a harness of adequate girth. In addition to its size, the Vixen Maverick has incredible detailing.

My age: 27
Where am I from: I'm italian
I prefer: Male
Eye tone: I’ve got big hazel eyes
My hobbies: Roller-skating
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slut teen Harlee

It almost feels like a gloss-finished toy. I was psyched about this because when I bought Maverick, I was trying to replace a large PVC suction-cup dildo with something nontoxic and more realistic.

naughty single Julianna

He seemed great when I first met him: tall, muscular, with beautiful features. It works great with a bullet vibe, and VixSkin is always beloved for comfortable anal play. The slightly raised texture right under the coronal ridge is a beautiful de, as it provides some extra stimulation.

talent biatch Cataleya

This may be a good thing or a bad thing for you, depending on your preferences. Satisfyer vs.

Vixen maverick dildo review

I had to move on to a host of other dual-density silicone dildosbefore finding my favorites. Review Recap.

cutie asian Zoe

During our first encounter, though, I discovered that his suction cup was…temperamental. I just want Mustang to pound my G-spot for half an hour at a time, it feels so awesome.

cutie females Lena

Now that Maverick is gone from my life, I do miss that beautifully shaped coronal ridge, and the faux foreskin texture underneath. If you are looking for gentler stimulation, though, Maverick is an amazing choice for a large toy. The outer layer of VixSkin dual-density dildos by Vixen Creations is softsomewhere around shore in feel. There are also a few ways to work around the suction cup problem, including a thigh harnessa Liberator toy mountor some double-sided probably PVC suction cups.

The verdict?

Bullet Vibes vs. Because so many people swear that VixSkin is the most realistic-feeling line of fake cocks out there, maybe I just had my expectations set too high for Maverick, my first dual-density silicone dildo.

married woman Murphy

The key with all Vixen Creations suction cup bases is that you gotta use a lot of force. Oooomph, yes. Unlubed, it feels kinda draggy.

sexual girls Anaya

The dual-density VixSkin line includes many high-quality, realistic dildos. USD It glides in and out, moving easily with each stroke. The VixSkin Maverick by Vixen Creations was my first dual-density silicone dildoso I apologize for the overly dramatic personification above.

Like, really slam them down onto your flat surface.