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Triage X doesn't make any excuses about what it is. The second shot of the show is a slow pan across absurdly huge, poorly drawn boobs in a tiny bikini, and the parade of trashiness doesn't let up from there.

Triage X Nudity

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This is essentially where the series starts off, with the group taking care of crime bosses and drug lords, essentially anyone who is deemed beyond redemption. Miki Tsurigi is a stealth-expert and an efficient member of Black Label.

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Anime Reporter locks and lo for another manga review with Triage X volumesthe action-filled assassin series written and illustrated by Shouji Sato. Like this: Like Loading About animereporter. Follow Anime Reporter on WordPress.

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Name required. A good story is a good story whether it has crappy illustrations or not.

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Triage x - complete series

Anime Reporter brings you reviews and insights on anime, manga and whatever else I feel like! You are commenting using your Facebook. Oh, definitely. Search Anime Reporter.

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Still with us? The female characters are constantly posing unnecessarily or are portrayed from angles which really only serve to represent one aspect of their appearance.

Triage x (anime review)

Mikoto is a fierce and determined assassin, preferring to work with a pair of revolvers. Anime Reporter All my thoughts on anime, manga and, actually, just about anything else.

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The chief protagonist of the series is Arashi Mikami, a young high school student and the only male on the strike team. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. Triage X follows Black Label, a medicine-themed team of assassins who work on the basis that criminals are diseases infecting society.

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The team is led, in a passive sense, by Masamune Mochizuki, a sickly doctor who advises and le the other members, pointing them in the direction of people who deserve death. For more updates and reviews, stick with us here at Anime Reporter. We also have Yuko Sagiri, an accomplished surgeon who dispatches foes with great skill using her katana and Sayo Hitsugi, a nurse who dons a demonic mask and prefers taking care of business hand to hand.

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Mikoto is driven by the death of her brother and she and Arashi clash regularly, both in terms of how to carry out missions and more than a few personal misunderstandings. His ature look is an iron motorbike helmet which obscures most of his face. Also on the team is Oriha Nashida, the youngest member of the team and a famous pop star.

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This… is not highbrow storytelling, but if you like lots of boobs, it could be for you. Exposition between story arcs is occasionally summed up via a long conversation between several women bathing together and playing with their boobs.

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Things soon become more complicated however, when devoted detective Isoroku Tatara and his clumsy and naturally, incredibly busty partner Konomi Suzue take it upon themselves to investigate the series of gangland assassinations sweeping across the city. Triage X Volumes and quite a few more are currently available from Yen Press.

Orika adores explosions and is happiest when firing grenades or missiles at unfortunate bad guys. You are commenting using your Twitter. Triage X was created when HOTD was put on hiatus, though for casual readers, they might as well be the same series.

Triage x fanservice compilation

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