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Filipina woman gettin friend to Too

Download too short songs, singles and albums on mp3. Lil wayne, pharrell williams and too shorts gettin some. Gettin it 12 too short the ghetto too short blow the whistle 14 too short ft.

Too Short Gettin Some Head

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The original version of "Gettin' Some" appears on Block Music as a hidden track. The song samples Too Short 's "Blowjob Betty". The radio edit of the song features rapper Ludacris. The song is a reference to oral sex as the rappers tell in the song's chorus about receiving oral sex from women. The popularity of the song earned Shawnna her first platinum certification as a solo artist by the Recording Industry Association of America on December 6, The music video included Chicago model Candy Brooks as the "oohs and aahs girl".

How old am I: I am 65
Available to: Hetero
Tint of my eyes: Soft gray eyes
What is my sex: Lady
Languages: I understand English and Chinese
I like to drink: Brandy

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See also: JustSomeLyrics 58 Luda in my bed mindin my business bout five in the morning gettin head a wonderful feelin im high and im zonin' from this fire i was smoking and im chokin on that fruity while this lil cutie's chokin on me on me right down to the tonsils them glands had to be swollen they call me the head honcho and man i keep it goin you think it was in slow motion and i beat 'em like they stole it 'specially rollin off a little ecstacy.

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Ludacris You Know we had to do a remix thats right yes sirr Hood Anthem lets go Gettin gettin gettin i was gettin some head gettin gettin some head 6x. Chorus Gettin some head gettin gettin some head i was gettin some head gettin gettin some head i was gettin some head gettin gettin some head i was skeet to some kind of girl that make her toes choir lil Wayne weezy's back in the phantom tell the driver dont look i tell her do yo thing and when your finished write a book i sit back in the chair and then i bring out the cush i hope she like banana because i got that fruit by the foot she said she love me well i love her when the lights dim you can depend on her to catch it like a tight end and like santa clause i leave her with a whit chin yes i get alot of neck like a violin 85 on the bridge hat to the side 23 and choke im a flat to the vibe young stunna baby girl its your up for me they go so hard man i got to wear a cup on me im the hottest thing around and if she like to catch then ima take the mount she said she dont do it but i am not a clown if i get her to my room she going down.

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