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NOTE: While this review will not divulge any specific plot details, in discussing the events of Episode 2 there is inevitably a chance that it will impact your experience of Episode 1 if you have yet to play it.

The Wolf Among Us Strip Club

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The funereal table in this scene, laid out with trollish paraphernalia from the old world, feels like a monument to something greater, like the Fables are mourning not only Lily but the elegant simplicity of their old lives. The Little Mermaid gets her legs only to spread them onstage for everyone to see; the Frog Prince trades his swamp for a crown, the crown for a mop.

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The men are heroes, the women are whores, and the old hags like me get to watch everyone they love die. Even in the displaced community of Fabletown, there are those on the margins who are being left to die.

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The scene is striking: lit in a palate of lurid neon, the dialog crackles and the stakes are high. After displaying Holly grieving her loss—not just her sister but her last link to her old life and better times back in the Homelands— A Crooked Mile powers through an arresting final act.

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Kill Screen Versions The Meta. The funeral ends with three bangs, no whimper, and a sudden fade to black.

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The clarity of violence clears any confusion Bigby and friends share. The strays?

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We had a beginning, a middle and an end. Throats are ripped out, bones snap, and The Wolf Among Us proves that it still has more than enough bite to back up its bark. Technolust begs the question: What happens if you enter virtual reality while in virtual reality?

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Here and now, without the crystal clarity of a tidy happily ever after, the Fables turn to secret lusts and vicious thrills to keep themselves going, and Bigby is no exception. The Wolf Among Us is about nostalgia and dead prostitutes, sure, but both of these are framing for a more moving portrait of grief and what it means to mourn the lost.

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