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Sword Art Online was written by Reki Kawahara and is illustrated by abec. Before it became the best-selling isekai light novel, and just light novel in general for years, it was a web novel that was single-handily written by the author on Shousetsuka ni Narou, a website akin to Wattpad where it is composed of user-made novels.

Sword Art Online 16.5 Anime

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I recently saw something about a chapter It seems like a fan fic but form some of the things I've found, it was by the author himself. What's the story behind it? Also what about

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Anyways, people are asking questions that turn into a debate of whether I opt to close this topic I honestly even forgot the original question. The author has claimed that he wishes the story to be forgotten, which, as I understand, implies that he does not treat it as canon.

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Gsimenas talkJuly 31, UTC. It was neither part of the web novel, nor the light novel. They were not made by the author himself. Sword Art Online Wiki. Both the anime and manga are a-dap-ta-tions.

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Then the chapter How many times do I have to say "it was not part of [insert any medium]" for you to understand? Any answer we give you would be just speculation and this is not a topic meant for speculation.

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Thank you thought the chapter was part of the original story: D!. They did it, I mean In the novel, right before the proposal, Kirito was hugging Asuna and dragging his fingers on her naked back, which woke her up, right? Though how true his words are is debatable.

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You're right, this topic has really got out of hand. He just wrote the original story which the mangaka and anime producers decided to adapt whichever way they wanted.

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And there wasn't anything that said that she was completely naked, as far as I remember. Is Chapter But because Reki wanted to do this story? Why would Asuna sleep naked in his arms if they didn't DO that, I wonder?

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But again, we're not Reki to tell you what is going on in his head. In Don't have an ?

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You can ask the author himself why he wrote it, as any answer from our part would just be speculation. Start a Wiki.

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It was written separately in a less public part of his website. Edit: Titles are not supposed to be longer than the content. Since the original question has been answered, I'm closing this topic.

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