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No matter how gross or childish it may seem we all have room for funny farts in our lives. Thanks for a little help from our friends at Guyism for most of these calls. Step Brother is hilarious.

Step Brothers Fart Scene

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In films today, one of the simplest yet effective means of eliciting laughter is a fart. The Mel Brooks film Blazing Saddles features a scene with cowboys farting around a campfire after consuming beans. Murphy plays several members of the Klump family who humorously pass gas at their dinner table. He explains to Thomas that he will become better if he donates more, to which Thomas replies that he already donates plenty to the other friars who come to visit. Thomas replies that he can have a donation if he agrees to divide it equally amongst the other friars at the convent. The friar then goes to the lord of the village and explains the ordeal.

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Well, by breaking wind.

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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Sean Hutchinson.

Top 10 movie fart scenes

Mind and Body. The smelliest and foulest piece de resistance, Dumb and Dumber takes the cake cow pie?

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They escaped from Guantanamo Bay in and had a Christmas celebration inbut it all started in when all they wanted to do was find some sweet, sweet White Castle to satiate their munchies. Everything about the scenes at the Klump family dinner table featuring Murphy playing every character except Jamal Mixon as Ernie Klump, Jr. Mel Brooks is the king of comedy both highbrow and low, and this infamous scene from Blazing Saddles straddles the edge of both.

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John J. The inimitable comedy trio of David Zucker, Jim Abrahams and Jerry Zucker better known as their collaborative abbreviation: ZAZ were the masters of the spoof, and they parlayed their short-lived but still-legendary cop send-up Police Squad!

Blame Canada. Related Tags Movies.

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The man has directed a long list of amazing scenes, including this fantastic fart sequence in the Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly buddy comedy Step Brothers. Upon its premiere at Sundance, the film was quickly labelled as the Daniel Radcliffe farting corpse movie. How do you interrupt the greatest comedic monologue in cinema history?

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Myers would return to the fart schtick with his other Austin Powers character Fat Bastardbut by the time the third film in the series, Goldmemberall the funny in the farts had run out. Before he won an Oscar, Adam McKay made award-winning high-low comedies. Hank embraces the corpse, which he names Manny, and soon enough, begins riding its surprisingly powerful farts across the ocean.

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From there, the movie becomes a crazily surreal adventure about the unlikeliest of friendships and survival. But back in reality is everyones brown nightmare. Consider that mythological character shattered.

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It remains arguably his best movie, if not the best McKay movie featuring tastable job interview farting.