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Skyrim girl undress men for mod

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Skyrim Undress Mod

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Even vanilla has worse stuff! Everglaid's trailer shows the mod in action. With a silly walk and almost no clothes, Whiterun's NPCs spout nothing but praise. You'll get great lines from both men and women regardless of gender or orientation.

How old am I: 21
Iris tone: I’ve got large hazel green eyes
Color of my hair: I have luxuriant red hair
Figure features: Slender
What I prefer to drink: Gin
My favourite music: Pop
What is my hobbies: Sailing

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sexy female Victoria

Urag - 1 comment MaleNord ex. Haelga - 2 comments FemaleYoungEager ex.

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Faendal - 2 comments MaleKhajiit ex. Positive Undressed Reaction russian translate.

tight madam Emma

Maul - 2 comments MaleCoward ex. Irileth - 1 comment FemaleElfHaughty ex. Atahbah - 1 comment FemaleNord ex. I took plenty of time tweaking to sound decently natural, if not seamless.

cute woman Kayleigh

A: The most 'intense' lines include "wow" and "damn" but with a tone that is more "i can't believe it" rather than "damn you're fine. And don't worry!

This skyrim mod turns npcs into adoring fans of the dragonborn's abs

Supported voice types: Spoiler: Show. Most of the xVASynth ones are really good, more than passable.

ebony girls Meadow

Version 1. It's all reacting to the general 'sight. Q: When will people comment on my triple D jugs or my hairy third leg? About this mod New lore-friendly voiced reactions to the player being undressed, using xVASynth, unused lines and splicing. File information Last updated 14 January PM. Original 14 January PM. ed by liambutt.

House mod with this feature?

All are written in a surprised, embarrassed, or impressed tone, with no vulgar or degrading terms. A: Main focus was to not sound metallic or pitch corrected. Arniel - 1 comment MaleDarkElf ex. Belethor - 2 comments MaleSoldier ex. Imperial Soldier - 1 comment MaleYoungEager ex. Sven - 2 comments. Donation Points system This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points. Some voice types have more than one line.

sluts asian Elise

J'zargo - 1 comment MaleOrc ex. New lore-friendly voiced reactions to the player being undressed, using xVASynth, unused lines and splicing.

naughty woman Avayah

Nirya - 2 comments FemaleKhajiit ex. The rest left are just standard 'you should wear clothes' in different manners. Athis - 1 comment MaleDrunk ex. Russian Author: Rodionix. Gerdur - 3 comments FemaleEvenToned ex.


Carlotta - 2 comments FemaleSultry ex. Ondolemar - 1 comment MaleEvenToned ex. I'm rusty with the CK : Q: How 'natural' is this really? Q: Why? A: It's the easiest thing I could edit in dialogue.

damsel miss Gabriela

Ysolda - 2 comments MaleArgonian ex. I tried to avoid anything that could come off as an unwanted advance. Dan Ruta for xVASynth.

passionate woman Skylar

Spliced ones are seamless. Talen-Jei - 1 comment MaleBrute ex.

black personals Johanna

Alvor - 3 comments MaleSlyCynical ex. All reactions that imply the character are unattractive are gone. FemaleCommander ex.

stunner girls Azariah

Legate Rikke - 2 comments FemaleDarkElf ex. Even vanilla has worse stuff! A: please Q: You mentioned the lines not being degrading?