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Bbbw blower search snow to Redneck

Nor will you get cold as the machine has been ingeniously deed to route the engine coolant through the handle bars, with the rear mounted, enclosed radiator keeping the operator nice and cosy. The first point to make is that this is not a V8 grafted on a traditional snow blower carriage but a purpose-built unit crafted around a motor of this magnitude. It functions very much like a traditional blower by way of operator input and feedback and offers effortless safe operation.

Redneck Snow Blower

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Even the best winter power equipment breaks down in time. You need your Toro snow blower to work hard every winter, so it is not surprising that you will eventually need new parts to keep it running smoothly few years. The great news is that the equipment is made durable so it will last a long period of time, with just a few parts needed as they wear out or give up. Your machine will continue to last for years as long as you keep up with the maintenance, giving you excellent snow throwing power for years to come.

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ed Feb 7, Pretty neat. Log in. At least he wouldn't have to worry about the oil getting too hot. At least he should have some heat in the cab of the truck while he's out using it. Toyota Nation Forum.

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ed Sep 5, Found this on YouTube thought I would share it. They did make a front drive off the front main pulley on the crankshaft that had a driveshaft that went to a pump mounted behind the front bumper so he wouldnt have to worry about stepping on the clutch, he could have even put a hand throttle on it to keep the engine speed up, but I'm sure it saved his truck engine by using the separate power unit mounted on the back of his truck.

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Those old gear drive transfer cases and the transmissions had the PTO plates on them to hook up a PTO but he would have to leave it in gear and not step on the clutch. Harley Davidson Pan America Forum. You figure the extra weight in the back of the truck helps with traction, but I'd hate to see his extra fuel bill for running the diesel. Yea, how bout it! About this Discussion. Wife would have a fit. When I saw it I was extremely jealous.

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AVS Forum. I'm impressed and maybe a little jealous! That would work good for the plow but I don't think he would have enough GPM flow to run the motor for the blower fast enough, I don't think that type of pump had enough GPM flow for it, even at a higher truck engine speed, probably depends on the hydraulic motor he is using.

Brilliant colebrook man invents ‘north country redneck snowblower’ [video]

That would be a mess and dangerous! But like you said, the cost of that Detroit if it broke down, and finding parts for it, that's an old engine. Added costs to repair the diesel.

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I could get my 50 foot driveway done in 15 minutes. Continue with Facebook.

This hot rod snowblower is powered by a harley-davidson v-twin engine

Yea its a bit of overkill, could be done with a smaller engine running the pump. Jump to Latest Follow. Come the discussion about brands, maintenance, reviews, troubleshooting, repairs, accessories, classifieds, and more! Absolutely fabtastic.

Redneck snow blower

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Just storing it while not being used is the problem. ed Oct 6, ed Dec 21, I don't think so.

Hillbilly snowblower.

ed Dec 16, What an absolute disaster that would be if one of the hoses split or a coupler gave way! Some ran Hydro-boost brakes and other stuff like smaller hydraulic dumps for the beds of the trucks.

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A forum community dedicated to Snowblower owners and enthusiasts. STA said:.

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Total Rube Goldberg contraption I have a totally wild and crazy idea- How about, if he would simply connect the blower to the 3 point hitch of a farm tractor? I remember a lot of those old engine driven pumps that looked like power steering pumps, they usually had heavier belts to run them with their own separate drive pulleys of the crankshaft, and a separate reservoir for the oil.

South jersey redneck snow blower

I'm sure he has fun with it. Reminds me of stuff I used to see in South East Ohio back in the later 60's earlier 70's. Recommended Communities.

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ed Feb 4, Usually that term is used for things that are completely ridiculous His setup clearly doesn't match something you might buy new, but it seems reasonably well deed and built, and seems to do what he needs it to.

Snowblower Forum. I love how it just goes slow and does the job very well.

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ed Jun 2, That way he could run the separate engine full speed to power the hydraulics and wouldn't have to race the trucks engine. Continue with Google. Some people even used a steering pump, but the other pumps were for more severe work and volume of flow.

Billy the hillbilly is working on a new snow blower

Looks like the Ole Boy probably has a few gallons of "Anti-Freeze" in him when he's out blasting away the snow, some good heavy duty moonshine or something to keep warm with and protect his ears. I was thinking the same.

I have seen this video a few years back. That is one well thought out piece of machinery. ed Nov 24, ed Oct 22, Too small the discussion. It is a neat set-up though. That was quite common for them back then back in the Hill-billy Strip-mine country area.

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