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In fact, one survey says 75 percent of their respondents admitted to regretting at least one of their tattoos. But the good news is there are things you can do before and after getting a tattoo to lower your chances of regret.

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Well the reason why this dude refused to put a deposit down was because he planned on getting tatted and leaving without paying. Her daughter screamed that I was a liar and Mom started up with another round of yelling, this time about how I was calling her daughter a liar. She takes her outside of the shop quietly and then screams at her outside for basically everything that has just happened, and how humiliating it all has been. Apparently her daughter had went out and got a neck tattoo without her knowledge.

To her credit, she came back a year later!

30 times when tattoo artists had to deal with the worst “tattoo virgins” as shared in this online group

This post may include affiliate links. She had found some sketchy artist in a kitchen to tattoo the rose on her neck that I said no to. He remained adamant, and clearly explained that if I didn't do it, he had a friend with a "tattoo gun" who would do it. Her daughter started looking pretty nervous around this time, but she didn't say anything. That is unfortunately uncommon these days. I had been considering a no minors at all policy, but this experience solidified that in my mind.

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As soon as the artist put saniderm on his tattoo, he jumped up out of the chair and bolted for the front door. My worst one by far, though, was about five years ago when I was apprenticing in a college town. I lay her down on her stomach with her arm bent at her side—this is relevant later. More info: Reddit.

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So, because of all those fears and various stories told, tattoo artists have to deal with some unexpected situations of clients crying, fainting or even getting sick. Had a 19 year old lad in the studio, he wanted "Laura" in large letters on his forearm.

The best part was watching this dude cry like a baby because he was just a few days from getting out of the military and local PD notified his command.

"blackout" tattoos are a bad idea—here's why

GhonaherpasiphilaidsMike Carter not the actual photo Report. Meanwhile I find the Reddit from the day and Mom watches the entire interaction that I described go down. More-PresentationQuinn Dombrowski not the actual photo Report. We have sent an to the tattoo you provided with an activation link. It all clicked. He ended up breaking his nose as he hit the ground, and we called the cops. Oh wow, reading this thread is bringing up some repressed client memories. Not the worst client. After a lot of arguing she finally left, but not before making some idle threat. He had come in before to get priced out, but absolutely refused to make an appointment and drop a deposit.

Her second session was pleasant and without incident. Everybody in the shop was pretty confused and after we got her to stop screaming at all of us we finally got it out of her why she was so angry. I warn her not to do that and try to relax. It was around this girl that I just decided to point to our Tattoo camera in the front area until the mother noticed what I was doing and stopped. I asked her if she wanted to stop, but she insisted on me continuing, and I felt too awkward to counter her.

Gets the tattoo, it goes smoothly, she likes it, walks to the lobby, shows her dad, he likes it. She continued to sob on and off for probably another hour, while I just kept plugging away at this dumb little tattoo. She got pretty upset and made a scene in our front area and I told her to leave. Good on you for Reddit a decent human being. Other than sharing the story with my coworkers over beers later and having a laugh at her girl I think no more of it.

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You were kind to her. HellcathowlLucero Ferreyro not the actual photo Report. I let her yell until she had calmed down enough to listen. Also, it would be awesome if you shared your own experiences in the comments! At this point she had cried so tattoo that her tears had gathered where her arm was pressed against the massage table and had started to spill over into my Reddit. As he left I checked the time, great! Then I explained to her how the week before I had told her daughter outright that I wouldn't give her a neck tattoo. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your. I told her if she would like to, she could review the footage of me denying her daughter, the temper tantrum, and then her girl leaving the shop.

I think it would have been wiser to stop at the second jerk away and ask the client to come back to finish when they are more mentally prepared? Aside from 1 or 2 exceptions I haven't tattooed any minors for the last 13 years now.

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The tattoo was terribly done to say the least so the Mom definitely had several reasons to be so livid. He was a mess getting done lol; shaking, sweating and basically crying in the chair. Got way crazier stories under my belt since that kick in the face.

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The thread got popular in the subreddit with So enjoy Reddit list and upvote the stories you liked the most. And also, you realize that it will hurt and you may have gone through all that pain for nothing if the tattoo is not how you expected it to tattoo out or you'll get bored of it after some time. And he stood his ground -- I'd vote for the chap :p. Getting your first tattoo can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you have other people who have had them done telling you all sorts of stories.

Your is not active. Not an artist, but I'm a receptionist at a pretty popular tattoo shop in my town. After a bit the daughter comes in and gives me a very sarcastic apology and then girls. We usually keep footage for a week or two and then delete it so I knew it should still be on the computer.

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Turns out it was this couples first date, he had told her he was impulsive and she tried to call his bluff and suggested they get matching tattoos. The next week the girl brought him a giant tub of cookies. Now I'm certainly not going to even entertain a neck tattoo for a teenager period, but she didn't even bother to bring a parent with her to for her so it went from a certain no to and absolute never in a million years.

So she was technically never an actual client, but I hat a teenage girl, about 16 years old come in once.

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The guy is losing his mind, he's hyperventilating, laughing, jumping up and down and yelling questions at all of us, visually very nervous. Then promptly passed out as he ran through the lobby lmfao. It was around then that I recognized the girl from the week before peaking in our front windows.

This girl came in with her boyfriend for a traditional butterfly above her elbow, I was still super new so it took me way longer than it should have maybe 2hrs.

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Best shift ever. To his credit he got the tattoo and didn't pass out, paid for them both too! Reddit took my time to quiz him, turns out Laura was his sweetheart. He came back a few days later as a walk in, so we squeezed him in that day. She wants a star outline on the side of her heel below the tattoo. Falls back hits her head on a giant painting hanging on the wall an ed hardy original the painting falls, glass breaks. Then with the coldest look of anger, betrayal and disappointment she turns to her daughter. So basically he was hit girl a Karen and IT's mini-Karen at the same time.

She wanted a tattoo of a rose on the side of her neck. I start the tattoo and immediately she jerks away super hard. So I did it, wrapped it up and explained aftercare.

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He runs over picks her up and is checking the back of her head. I've seen quite a few people who had no business getting tattooed, but by far my favorite was this one guy who wanted to get some script tattooed behind his ear. The tattoo itself took maybe 15 minutes.

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The photos in the article are not the actual photos and are there for illustrative purposes only. Emt comes, tell her she needs stitches, they end up having to take her to the emergency room where she got 6 stitches. But just an unfortunate event. She started getting upset again and yelling about how this was going to get me fired and sent to jail, etc. He tells one of our apprentices that this is his first tattoo and keeps asking them how bad it hurts over and over again, the owner went into the back and grabbed an ammonia packet, worried the guy would pass out the second needle touched skin.

I told the mother to call her daughter in and her daughter pointed to me and told her Mom I was the one who did it. We start again and she jerks her foot.

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Until the following week when an incredibly angry middle aged woman comes barging into the shop screaming how she is going to have us all shut down and sent to jail.