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Teen Titans Go! Many DC characters make cameo appearances and are referenced in the background.

Raven Vs Terra For Beast Boy

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While Raven and Beast Boy's hostile relationship turning romantic was an unexpected, but welcomed surprise, Wonder Girl and Superboy's coupling was almost immediately introduced and explored until Superboy's death during Infinite Crisis. Both couples have been fully embraced by the comic book community, but every Teen Titans fan has their favorite. While Superboy and Wonder Girl took more of the spotlight within John's run, Beast Boy and Raven's budding romance carried with it the established friendship that began in When it comes to which couple is better, both have their fans.

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The Titans are excited to see her except Raven. Then Starfire asks how they met and all the Titans seem happy and crying in joy except Raven who has her suspicions because Beast Boy's story seemed to reveal that Terra is more interested in the Titans' secrets than Beast Boy. Cyborg and Starfire reject her suspicions and just say she's jealous, which annoys Raven.

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Back to the present day, Beast Boy explains that song was the only thing which he brought to the relationship. This allows Terra to tie all for them up before she leaves. Beast Boy then tells Robin to calm down and sets her free. However, she is beast no match for Terra and is seemingly boy in a raven of water. The Titans come across a dead end, but a al on machinery and Slade's heartbeat is picked up coming from further underground. Aqualad and Terra are amused by this, terra Aqualad suggesting they go on a double date. The Titans attempt to destroy the drill machines, but it proves useless, and Robin states that they must hack into the computer to stop the drills.

Beast Boy then asks if Raven could at least hit him with a boulder just as Terra had done, which Raven sympathetically agrees to. The Titans discover that the drill machines are being used to drill around Titans Tower and sink it underground. The Titans find that the machine has left a trail underground and are contacted by Slade; who reveals himself as being behind the machine. Terra knew a lot about the Titans and Beast boy had an instant crush. Sometime later, Raven and Terra are walking in a hallway inside Titans Tower, and they both patch up their rocky beginning. As the Titans appear to give up on saving the Tower, Terra attempts to lift the tower back up with her powers, and Raven soon assists her.

Raven and all of the other Teen Titans especially Beast Boytake a liking to the new superheroine, Terraafter she had just defeated a giant scorpion in the middle of the desert. Robin panics and calls off the alarms and security breach leaving the girl trapped and laser guns pointing at her.

Cyborg quickly transforms into a rocket and flies away, telling Beast Boy he didn't hear it from him.

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He puts on the files on her flash drive for her, then puckers up for a kiss, only for Terra to drop a rock on his head knocking him out. Besides, Raven and Terra still consider each other rivals, and this causes conflicts as cannot work together on the mission.

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She slowly gains the upper hand and taunts Raven to the point that she loses control of her anger and attacks her in the raging form not seen since Nevermore. Before she's about to leave, Beast Boy asks Terra what she really thought of him and she responds by grabbing an enormous chunk out the the Tower's island and is about to crush him with it.

StarfireCyborgand Beast Boy follow the drill machines, but Terra, Raven and Robin begin digging through the earth to find the al.

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Beast Boy then returns and states confidential data first, then a kiss. Cyborg was throwing things down a trash hole on Valentine's Day and asked why the portal is always screaming. Raven explains she is feeling regret over the one that "got away", where she then imagines Aqualad. As the team descends down the trail, Terra attempts to make amends for the rock argument earlier, but Raven is still cold to her brushes off her apology. In the hallway, Beast Boy tells Raven that he wants to throw away some old rope, and asks her to open the trash hole. Beast Boy is nervous she won't come and Raven wanted to share her feelings with him.

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When Terra follows the other Titans out to deal with it, she bumps into Raven, who has a few flashes of memories, one of which is Slade. She uses her telekinesis to make the boulder slam Beast Boy on the head several times, with the bruised Beast Boy enjoying the experience. However, it ends with her smiling dreamily at that idea. The heroes try to destroy it but the worms seems to be too tough. The team then officially makes Terra a member of the Teen Titans and give her a Titan communicator.

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She comments at how ridiculous Beast Boy and her would be together. However, Terra herself shows up outside the window holding a phone. This causes tension between the two girls and the drill machine shoots the rock, causing an explosion that allows the machine to flee underground. A flashback then occurs showing Beast Boy performing the song for Terra while they're trapped in the trash dimension, during the events of " Be Mine ".

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In the city, a large wormlike drill machine appears from underground and attacks the civillians. Cyborg tells him that it is too bad Raven trapped Terra in the trash hole, only to remember what Raven told him. All of the Titans have given up on Terra and figure she's pure evil. Raven gets jealous and punches her into the trash hole again.

If you are beastboy who will you choose terra or raven?

Raven quickly states she is seeing someone. Beast Boy is angered to see Aqualad again and immediately threatens to beat him to a pulp if he tried to take his girl again, but Aqualad calmly tells him all that was in the past. At first Terra is seen enjoying Beast Boy's song, but after finishing Beast Boy decides to sing it again. Beast Boy cuts in, saying the reason is obvious, and runs towards Terra. As Terra passes by, Raven senses something sinister and remains unsure if Terra can be completely trusted. However, they think she's just gone crazy with jealousy. Raven is annoyed by this, and reminds him that Terra is evil and tried to kill all the Titans before.

He says that the girl's name is Terra and that she is his new girlfriend. Just then, Slade appears and distracts Robin, leaving Raven and Terra to hack into the computer. She puts her arm around Beast Boy, and claims him to be her boyfriend. After a brief misunderstanding, Beast Boy asks Raven what she was doing in the water. After Terra rocks her demonstration, there is an earthquake underground that turns out to be Slade's mechanical worm.

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He states that every time he sees a rock, he thinks of her. Raven then le Terra into a dark room and turns the light on, revealing the other Titans and Terra's new room. Robin battled Terra, trying to convince her to turn good again, but lost. After receiving no answer, he leaves a message explaining how he misses her. Together, they are able to lift the tower back up and prevent it from sinking.

Raven then captures Terra and confronts Cyborg and Starfire again, but now with proof. Terra eventually releases the rock to please Raven, but before they can hack the computer, a loose rock from the drilling falls on it and breaks it, causing the drill machines to drill even faster, and the Tower begins to sink.

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Raven breaks out and saves Beast Boy, sending Terra into another dimension. She launches a boulder through the tower, knocking all the Titans out onto a beach. Raven is watching the whole thing. Robin is angered to see Terra and demands to know why she's here.

This episode begins with Beast Boy staring down into the ocean, while crying, depressed about his break up with Terra. Terra is very grateful to the Titans and expresses disbelief that the Titans actually trust her.

Terra angrily demands to know why Raven won't trust her, to which Raven states that she must earn it. Aqualad approaches Raven and greets her, asking if she missed him. Raven quickly defeats Overload by blasting him with the water pipes, but just then Terra appears. Raven gawks in disgust, pretending to be disinterested, and teleports away. However, Terra intimidates Beast Boy and tells him she wants nothing to do with him, which breaks Beast Boy's heart.

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Cyborg announces that he already has a secret Valentine, and admires a picture of Jinx. A pirate ship then emerges from the water, to reveal Aqualad. Beast Boy convicned for they didn't give up on Robin when he was Slade's apprenctice and that he knws there's good left in Terra. The Titans arrive and begin fighting with the drill machine, and Terra again assists in the battle; saving Beast Boy from the drill machine's laser and uses earth to allow Robin to reach the drill machine's height.

Beast Boy invites her to the Valentine's day dance which she attends. After the Titans have been defeated by Terra, they are somewhere underground. Just then, three of the drill machines appear and drill through walls, creating three pathways. Back to normal apart from the missing chunk of the Towerthe Titans admit that Raven was raven. Raven then emerges out of the ocean, to Beast Boy's surprise. Beast Boy misinterprets this as a fish, but states he's also sad at having lost someone and imagines Terra.

Beast Boy then confronts her and terras she's just leaving because she wanted to break up, despite the Titans being tied up behind Terra. Before Raven can give an answer, he goes to Terra's side and reveals that he's her new boyfriend. He begins to sing it whenever he is around Terra, leading her to become visibly frustrated by the song. Raven opens the trash hole and walks away. Aqualad then tells Raven that he was crushed beast she first rejected him, but seeing her alone today he's glad they didn't end up together.

This revelation shocks all of the Titans, as Aqualad and Terra had nothing in common, and they begin pointing out all of their differences. Terra suggests breaking the computer with boy rock, but Raven disagrees stops Terra from trying it. Raven told Cyborg she had trapped her in a trash hole after she defeated her last time.

[spoiler] does terra genuinely have romantic feelings for beast boy?

Terra also reveals that she has found a new boyfriend, to which Raven seems pleased by, but Terra smugly states it was someone Raven knew. Beast Boy assures Terra that Raven just needs time to get used to her. Beast Boy flirtatiously nudges Raven placing his arm around her neckplayfully joking that they should be each others' Valentine. Terra arrives at the Titans Tower 's rooftop, taking them up on their offer to become an official Titan. Beast Boy throws his rope down it, and waits as Terra climbs up it. Slade flees and Titans manage to destroy the drill machines, but the Tower continues sinking.

Terra attempts to destroy the Titans, before Beast Boy sand the song he wrote for her, Fade Awaywhich she is deeply touched.