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Princess challenge picking boy for strangets

Return to Doctor shark consultations. Akabur Princess Trainer gold edition if a game makes you a headache by seeking a solution.

Princess Trainer Challenge

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Here are a full guide for Princess Trainer walkthrough Gold Edition game. All the information you need to know about the princess trainer. Unless specifically mention, none of your choices change anything ificant on these dates.

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Grab the papers from Razul costs gold go to the red phoenix at ht and then give Fat lily the papers. I've gotten the brothel's password from the tavern owner, but now she's making me do a quest.

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Just go in and out of the Tavern 10 times then end the day. Or are you at the part where you need to get permission from a family member? Also, you have to do a buncha to get the majority of the Lola I'm sure there's a guide somewhere though.

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What is the password? I found this by chance searching the gif section of 4chan. Did you already get her dress made and all that?

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Best choice i'd ever made. It should be straightforward but if you have questions I'm sober sometimes long enough to answer them.

Princess trainer iris screenshot akabur princess trainer western

Spoiler Image. IIRC, it is to get a slip ed by the king guy. Show more replies. Log in with Gmail.

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Game takes so ing long to grind for a little bit of that makes you feel like a dirty old man Don't think I'll ever understand why bother. How the hell do i beat the dream job quest. Dude has awesome potential, he just cuts so much out from final products Im excited to see what he added to the gold edition though.

Princess trainer gold

Per : 10 10 20 40 60 80 Either way what I'm talking about is better. I thought it would end the challenge as soon as it hit the rightim at right now ;-. Then make Jasmine work. Do you know how to complete the quest to get the slip ed for the whorehouse after you get the password?

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If you don't have anything to spare, he'll understand better than anyone else. I played it like a month ago how much does this build differ from the very one? Shortcuts: "C" opens comments. Yeah, it's the one where she realizes she can't do the job without her d permission.

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And get Lola home drunk? Now Viewing:. OP you knew what I wanted before I knew it existed you magnificent mudderer. I was under the impression what I played was the full version everything seemed completely fleshed out and functional. Then wait 2 days to get the papers ed.

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That's kinda the point bruh. You seem like the expert. If you have gotten the papers from Razul, then you should be able to just give fat Lily the papers at ht. to FJ. Click to. What am I doing wrong? It's pretty easy to advance her storyline. For the "Bad parenting" you need to buy 7 princesses of wine from Meslab and then give lola one 7 hts in a challenge. I'm gay and I love playing these games the obviously doesn't interest me I just like seeing what sort of they create when you turn a game ographic, it engenders other surprising and interesting trainers which you just hardly ever get in mainstream channels.

If that's so talk to the guy in the market about it. And no sex with her, just get her drunk and then call it a day. Enable the console and set whatever value you want to whatever you want. It was nice getting to play this because of the kind soul in the section eh?

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Any idea how to stalk Rose, the teacher? For the Rose Stalker you need to visit Jafar's slave academy 10 days in a row, without missing one. My game seems to be frozen- it's refusing to let me do any quests. Scroll to post? Add Comment.

I don't think so.

The princess training guide

Also the "super secret ending scene, it's unlocked by doing all the challenges yeah? Click to Create. Is that the one with Iris? Then go to Jafar.

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