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Makeup has such an amazing power to transform us into people more comfortable in our own skin. Why wait for Halloween to be someone new and different?

Poison Ivy Character Makeup

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By popular demand, Poison Ivy has since made several appearances in films, animation, and comics. Her obsession with botany and environmentalism constructs her true villainous goal of protecting the natural environment through chaotic and destructive means of humanity. Initially, Poison Ivy was only meant to be a love interest for Batman, but as popularity for her character rose, the creators decided to give her more of a backstory. Now, like most DC Comic characters, her backstory has changed multiple times with various sources of trauma to make her a justifiable villain.

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Poison ivy

There are heaps of options! Blog Menu. Shop online now and get free shipping on all Australian orders. Stick on leaves - whether you want to fashion your own leaves or use temporary tattoos, you can get creative with your body and decorate it how you like.

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Get a gang together and cosplay the entire DC universe. Get ready for your next fancy dress event with our amazing range of contact lenses.

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Your Poison Ivy costume should start with makeup. Revive one of the most-loved comic book characters by putting your own spin on the look. That way, your Poison Ivy fancy dress can have a second life.

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Tag us on Instagram to feature on our. Coloured contact lenses - what says Poison Ivy more than these Temptress Green contact lenses? Created a look with our contacts?

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Complete your Poison Ivy makeup look with a few essential accessories: Cherry red wig - the hair is super important - you can decide how much you want to spend here. Check out this great tutorial if you need some inspiration:. Poison Ivy is famous for her glamorous charms.

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Here is one of our favourite glamorous Halloween makeup tutorials:. One of the most iconic DC villains is the beautiful Poison Ivy. Without a doubt, a Poison Ivy costume will turn he at Halloween this year.

15 diy poison ivy costume ideas for halloween that'll make everyone green with envy

Complete your Poison Ivy makeup look with a few essential accessories:. The first option is to buy one online. Browse through our complete collection now and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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There are a few different ways you can prepare your Poison Ivy costume. All eyes will be on you this Halloween. The only downside to buying a costume online is the risk of someone else wearing exactly the same thing.

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The best way to compliment your Poison Ivy costume is to add to it with other characters. You can avoid this issue by making one yourself.