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Scot orgasm horse boy while riding


Orgasm While Riding A Horse

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By Esra Gurkan For Mailonline. Not only can women have orgasms with or without sex - they can also experience them at the most obscure and inconvenient times, apparently. Some very honest ladies have come forward on Thought Catalog to share their most unexpected moments of ecstasy. From orgasms on the Tube, on a horse or even in the gym, these climaxes are definitely not confined to the bedroom.

How old am I: 48
Sexual identity: Guy
Tone of my eyes: Clear gray eyes
What is my sex: Female
What is my hobbies: Mountain climbing
I like piercing: None

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It was extremely upsetting to say the least.

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I've googled it but all the sights that come up are just weird fetish stuff which is definitely not how I view this. Something else you could try, if you haven't already, is looking at the instances where this happens and the ones where it doesn't happen to see if there are patterns. I stopped riding the horse that the issue occurred on but I'm still terrified it will happen again on another horse. Quote Unread post by Mo » Fri Sep 29, pm If it helps at all to hear this, you aren't alone in this experience; I have heard anecdotally from a few sources that it isn't uncommon to experience either arousal or orgasm from horseback riding.

horny housewives Jocelyn

It was pretty inconsistent and eventually I stopped riding that horse and the issue went away. For instance, maybe a certain type of clothing or a specific saddle makes this more likely to occur.

tight personals Lillie

Search full site. I really really need help. When I was about ish I started having these senesions while I was riding one horse in particular.

Women reveal the most bizarre times they've had an orgasm without having sex (including while riding a horse)

I do want to intervene and say when you say 'female sexuality is weird' that does come accross as dismissive, and I'm sure you don't mean that. Unread post by Jacob » Fri Oct 06, am. The truth is sexuality varies and that includes everything from desire to physiology. I don't want to stop riding but I don't know what to do. It's literally just the movement that is making you feel this way!

Lookie here:

Quote Unread post by Jacob » Fri Oct 06, am Apreciating that you've ed the forum and given input scooby Welcome! Similar Topics.

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You seemed like you wanted to be supportive! Get Answers.

eye-candy moms Zahra

It consistently doesn't fit the very restricted moulds of how sexuality is described in media and lots of institutions. These orgasms definitely aren't pleasurable,they also hurt a bit and I feel so out of control in my own body. Does that seem doable for you?

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Quote Unread post by Sam W » Fri Sep 29, am Hi desperateandsad, I'm sorry that you've been dealing with such a stressful situation, and that the people you've gone to for help haven't always been understanding. Re: Please Help! Unread post by Scooby » Thu Oct 05, pm.

cute gal Anika

Users: please do not reply to other users here. Post Reply topic Next topic. Any questions or discussions that you ONLY want to discuss with our staff or volunteers. At the time I didn't know that it was arousal. I guess you might be saying that the reality of sexuality probably not just the sexuality of people who identify with 'female' is diverse.

I'm really sorry to hear that your OBGYN made a joke about being attracted to horses; that was extremely inappropriate. Unread post by Mo » Fri Sep 29, pm. The padded underwear had not worked in the past anyways. I went back to the OBGYN now knowing what was happening, she suggested wearing padded underwear and made a joke about me being attracted to horses?!?!?!?!

Rebecca rubin

Recently I started riding a new horse and the issue has gotten much much worse developing into full blow unintentional orgasms. Don't see why they call it lonesome. I'm never lonesome when I go there. If you wanted to, you could try going to a different OB-GYN and asking for their opinion and suggestions on the matter to see if they could help you come up with a solution. Unread post by Sam W » Fri Sep 29, am. Unintentional Orgasms while Horseback Riding. It's so upsetting. Please Help!

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Unread post by desperateandsad » Fri Sep 29, am. Especially since this is such a long time hobby!! If anyone has any suggestions or just even even an experience like this it would help me feel a little less alone.

slut females Paisley

Female sexuality is weird and sometimes when we do things like ride horses or swim with a float in between our legs, the motion of it is weirdly nice, I wouldn't worry about it all but since you said it hurts it is def worth a second opinion!