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Nasiri Uc Davis

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: enlamsen ucdavis. It's that time of the quarter again! Whether you attended once, twice, or all of the workshops, I really hope you will take the time to fill one out. Any and all feedback will be appreciated! Thank you again for attending my workshop this quarter. Wishing you all the best on your finals coming up.

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They are both very passionate, interesting, and yes they both write on the chalkboard very neatly and clearly as well!

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Sort by: best. Makes a reddit just to ask one question If you have a hard time with accents, go with Lievens.

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But if I had to choose one, I would choose Nasiri. Again, it all comes down to personal taste.

I really enjoyed her class despite it being more difficult than other professors. Found the internet! Nasiri or Lievens for b? Pm me if you have any more questions about the two professors!

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Nasiri doesn't do this in her classes, and it's just an extra thing that you need to know. Take Professor Beal if he still teaches it. Also, the homework she gives is really time consuming. She's also not heavy on spectroscopy which I appreciated. However, I would take Nasiri in a heartbeat if I was you!

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Lievens is a good teacher but getting an A in her class is tough because the averages on all the midterms are really high. More posts from the UCDavis community.

Nasiri is known to have harder tests, but she has a distinct but very generous curve going into the class. Reddit for the UC Davis Aggies! Lievens is said to have easier tests, but they are also very tricky in the sense that you can easily mess up. Sometimes she also might tell interesting chemistry - related stories.

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If you do take Lievens, be prepared to have a huge emphasis of it in your lectures and tests. Continue this thread.

Lievens, no question about it. I have never taken a class with either professor and took a with Schore, so I'm in need of some advice.

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He was great. I had her for B and C. I also had Schore for A, and the few weeks that Nasiri subbed for him were a complete nightmare. Also, Lievens is known to do research in Spectroscopy.

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She was almost perfectly clear, and I sat in the back and don't consider myself that good with understanding accents. Created Nov 12, Top posts december 30th Top posts of december, Top posts Back to Top. Follow me to collect it.

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Finally, the kicker for me was that Lievens expects students to memorize pKas as a big thing for tests. Posted by 7 years ago. Nasiri wasn't "unintelligible" to me. Nasiri would mean to say acid workup but I often heard vorkoff to give you an idea.

I'm usually pretty good with accents but she was unintelligible. Nasiri didn't curve my C course - she just adjusted the cutoffs for every grade range, so we "all could get A's" if we worked hard enough. I took both Nasiri b and Lievens cand I gotta say they both are wonderful professors.