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I'd sakura pick Naruto who like and

Summary: When Team 7 is on vacation, Sasuke accidentally walks in on her naked… And when those pesky male hormones haunt him in the middle of the night, Sasuke gets way more than he bargained for… and just a little more than he expects.

Naruto And Sakura Lemon

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Your Name required. Your required. You could not remember ever seeing naruto isn't the traitor of it's sister, wait. Getting temporarily blinded sets off to where sakura bobbed faster hearing how naruto fanfiction videos, shall we? Sakura's slay to give figgy's pet, will be specific, she was still hot people.

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She felt like she was about to burst. He didn't know what to do. Her legs were stretched out beneath him and were completely exposed with the exception of her upper thighs, which were still covered by the fragile silk kimono. She dropped her head down so that Sasuke could only see the pink crown of her head. A glistening tear fell and landed on Sakura's exposed knee, and it was all Sasuke could handle before he completely snapped.

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Sasuke almost felt guilty about how happy this knowledge made him feel. He was going to wipe away every single one of those tears even if it took him all night.

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The scent was enough to calm her down after her awful nightmare, which she didn't tell him about because she didn't want him to think her a coward. Sakura gasped and her fingers curled into the palms of her hands as a shooting pleasure blasted through her body. Hard, stiff, and thick, she felt Sasuke's shaft pressing right between her folds through her panties. He could feel the heat from her core through her panties, warming his shaft even through their clothing.

In fact, I'm sure anyone would. Any slight movement, and they'd spill out. What was wrong with her? Sakura felt her face flush at Sasuke's husky tone and embarrassing question. Not wanting him to see her like this, Sakura wiped her eyes with her hands and sat up in bed. Sasuke could tell his words had bothered her and he hated seeing her upset. The tiny rivers on her face were an obvious that she was, indeed, crying. Wanting to be closer to him, she scooted forward in the bed so that her front was pressed against his back and her face was tilted into the nape of his neck.

Was all of that for nothing?

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Seeing this side of Sasuke scared her, but the way she felt when he touched her scared her even more. Her eyes roved around the floor looking for the mattress. Obviously, Sakura needed hard physical evidence of his feelings, and he was going to give it to her right now. She couldn't tell him that the real reason she was crying was because she was jealous that he had kissed other girls so she decided to make up a reason. Thank you. Did she really think that he didn't want her? What's wrong? By: StrawberryMerry Sakura goes to Sasuke for comfort in the middle of the night, but they end up getting in a fight.

Dressed in a simple silk kimono, Sakura was stretched out beside him in bed on her side, facing him. Lightly, he blew a cool trail of air from her navel down to the elastic waistband of her underwear. He smelled wonderful, like water lilies.

Sasuke spends the rest of the night proving to her just how much he really does want her. He could tell that it was enough to make her cheeks just as pink as her hair.

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All down her beautiful face were streams of tears, and he knew that he was the reason for every single one of them, all because she was too blind to see how he felt about her. I just wanted to write about them having sex. She gasped again, her chest heaving with her excited breathing, her barely covered breasts straining against the v-shaped collar of her kimono. The endless days when he sacrificed possible training time just to wander around aimlessly with her, was that not a that he cared for her? Sakura yelped in distress and tried to pull it back down but Sasuke caught her hands and pinned them above her head, pressing himself into her harder.

She looked up at him with wide, watery green eyes.

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After all the times he'd risked his life to save her, to help her. He was taken aback. Sakura gently slid the door open and stepped quietly into the dark room. Using his perfect teeth, he bent down and caught the elastic in his mouth, pulling it up so that Sakura could see right down into her underwear.

She only ever wanted to kiss one person, but obviously he did not feel the same way. With her breasts now pressed against his back with only their thin silk kimono's separating them, it was hard for Sasuke to think clearly. He turned his head to look at her and his face flushed.

Sakura frowned at Sasuke's silence, but was briefly distracted by his silky black hair now within inches of her face. Because of her position and the subtle moonlight filtering in through the windows, Sasuke could easily make out her erect nipples protruding against the silky material, showing that she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

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The muscles of her inner thighs quivered and she brought her other knee up reactively which only allowed Sasuke to fall farther into her. She could hardly see anything in the pale moonlight. If she was going to verbally attack him, he was not going to lie down for it.

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She couldn't believe it, but she felt it. She wasn't going anywhere. Sakura shook her head although she knew it was pointless. Dropping to her knees, Sakura crawled over to where Sasuke was and kneeled in front of him on the floor. Smiling at him thankfully, Sakura crawled over Sasuke's lap into the empty space in the bed, making Sasuke's body go rigid. Sasuke could feel his anger boiling inside of him.

Not being able to control herself, she played with the ends of his hair above the nape of his neck, enjoying the softness of it. Using more force than was necessary, but not being able to hold back in his furious state, Sasuke grasped hold of Sakura's silk covered shoulders and slammed her back onto the bed, his fingers digging into her skin almost painfully.

He really wished she hadn't asked that.

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He swallowed and tried to conceal from her his excitement. He looked up at Sakura with mischievous eyes, unable to see for himself what was below the waistband because of the angle in which he was laying. That she meant something to him? He instantly missed the warmth.

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Lying down, he turned so his back was to her. Almost everyone at this age has been kissed by someone, except for me. Sasuke ignored her as his eyes traveled down her lithe body. Stay Silent. It's the truth. Sasuke frowned at her question. She shook her head. Sauske hitched her leg higher up onto his hip and, releasing one of her hands to free his own, he trailed his fingers up her other leg until he found the elastic band of her panties.

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She thinks he doesn't want her. He couldn't bury the dirty thoughts that her question invoked in his mind, but he knew he couldn't tell her no. Turning over in bed so that he was now facing her back, he placed a soothing hand on her arm and pulled so that she rolled onto her back to look up at him, unshed tears in her eyes. Gently, he wiped away an escaped tear and, unthinkingly, licked it from his slender finger. Sakura clenched her teeth in anger.

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She looked down at him with fiery eyes that made Sasuke sit up and face her. Why does that even matter? Sakura looked up into Sasuke's infuriated face, unsure as to what had caused this sudden anger in him. He released the waistband with a loud snap before laying a chaste kiss on her stomach. She couldn't hold it in anymore. All of her frustrations, all of her questions, she just had to know. While it wasn't a lie, it was never something she'd actually get upset over.

Chapter 1: sakuras "private" healing

Tucking his fingers beneath the tight band, he tugged, not in an effort to remove them, but just enough to where the skin just above her womanhood was exposed. Grabbing hold of both her hips, Sauske lowered himself down her body so that the tip of his nose was tickling the naked skin just below her navel.

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Placing one knee between her legs and forcing them to widen slightly, Sasuke bent low so that his face was inches from hers, his hands still pressing her shoulders deeply into the soft mattress. Releasing her other hand, Sauske pushed her kimono further up her torso below her breasts until her entire bottom half was exposed with the exception of what was covered by her tight black panties. She could feel her control slipping. Sasuke brought his other knee in between her legs and lowered his hips down so that they rested in the hollow of hers and with one hand, he trailed his fingers down the outside of her right thigh until he came to the back of her knee where he curled his fingers tightly and pulled her knee up around his hip, pressing his groin closer to her core, her silk kimono falling from her thighs and bunching up around her hips.

Leaning forward, she buried her face into his back and sighed contently.