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You are right germanotaku, but as alcohol clouds your judgement, it is easier to do what you don't want to, just like when you wake up in bed, you can either get up, or get that "extra" five minutes of sleep. You still choose to do one or the other.

My Boyfriend Got Drunk And Cheated On Me

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A few years ago, I cheated on my long-term boyfriend. We've since put in a lot of effort to put it behind us.

What is my age: 27
Ethnicity: I'm welsh
My orientation: Gentleman
Tint of my eyes: I’ve got large blue eyes
What is the color of my hair: Long scraggly hair
I know: Spanish
Piercing: Tragus piercing

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At the beginning of this year he went silent on me for a whole week with no explanation. It means nothing until someone does something with it.

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For whatever reason, he may be receiving mixed messages from you. Your decision to end the relationship was healthy.

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It just means that he is putting forth effort to convince you that he has changed. It maybe that you really want to be loved and a relationship.

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When we seek God, he will indeed answer. Potential is just that…potential! I recommend that you seek individual therapy to address these issues. He answered by revealing additional issues with your boyfriend. This man has been sexually active with at least one other women and drinks excessively.

'i gave up drinking after i cheated on my partner'

I was in a relationship for 10 months with a guy who in all fairness was a nice guy. He admitted that it was a mistake that happened because he was drunk. While you were busy looking at his potential, you missed seeing the reality of his problems. You must take time to understand how you missed his problems and only saw his potential.

Boyfriend cheated on me drunk, how to cope?

You may not be saying No to him loud and clear enough. I guess my mistake was looking at his potential rather than his patterns.

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That is not a problem but at what cost. Trust me, him reporting himself to his pastor and being counseled and mentored does not mean he has changed. Naturally I was really angry and felt betrayed.

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So please am I being wicked to think I cannot trust him or anything that comes out of his mouth? I have a serious issue. us your questions for Dr. Follow Us. The 17 Most Shocking Ask Dr. Sherry Letters Of By Dr. Loading the player .


If he keeps pursuing you after you have made it perfectly clear to leave you along, it is time to take out a restraining order. I decided to pray and let God guide my decision. He wants a chance to show me he has changed.

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