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Should Female Gymnasts Lift Weights?

Most Muscular Female Gymnast

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Considering the blood, sweat, and tears athletes sacrifice for their sport, it's hard to fathom that anyone couldn't appreciate—let alone criticize—their robust, hard-earned physiques. So why is it that muscular female physiques are constantly the subject of scrutiny and body-shaming in our "modern" society? Since this will always be a big ol' question mark to us, instead of getting angry, we'll leave it to these badass, crazy-confident women to remind us that there isn't, nor will there ever be, a conventional female body type.

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Even skills I was doing a long time ago compared to now, I feel like I understand how to do them so much better, [as well as] the corrections you need to be making and how that applies to your body.

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So you just gain a lot of knowledge in that sense. After months of subtly indicating that the coming Olympics could be her last, Simone Biles recently changed her tune and refrained from ruling out the possibility that she could continue in some form until the Paris Olympics in Biles, already a veteran at 24, would be 27 by then — a competition age that was once unthinkable for an Olympic all-around gold medallist.

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Reuse this content. Athletes unhappy at British Gymnastics' slow response to abuse allegations.

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Laurie Hernandez is still only 20 but after winning team gold and individual silver Olympic medals in Rio at 16, the American spent two years away from the gym. Each individual is different.

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Only in recent years has she grown into a perennial top-five all-around gymnast, winning all-around silver at the world championships. Tumaini Carayol.

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At that time, she says, Canadian gymnasts would usually aim for one Olympics, then graduate from high school and transition to college in the US. After much thought Black chose to continue. The Observer Gymnastics.

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Yet, after returning from lockdown, countless gymnasts noted the relative ease with which they recovered their levels. She prioritises efficiency in her training over long days in the gym and her continued growth is a product of patience.

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. Taking time off has often been stigmatised in gymnastics due to the belief that it is difficult to regain skills.

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It could be that the lockdown period further aids longevity in the sport. At a time when gymnastics is reckoning with its toxic culture in many gyms around the world, it is heartening to hear Black describe a trajectory that defies numerous common perceptions and could be a reference point for others.

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Simone Biles not ruling out the Paris Olympics, when she will be 27, is part of a trend of maturity showing benefits. Black says her coaches were keen for her to seek out expertise from other mentors and specialists and, as she has matured, she has increasingly taken ownership of her career. Around the world gymnasts are learning that they are capable of continuing into adulthood and there are numerous benefits for those who wish to do so.