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Tokyo ghoul female that like Maru

A third season of Tokyo Ghoul was announced earlier this week. According to official sources, the series will air during the Winter anime season, and Madhouse will be taking over the animation from Studio Pierrot. The first episode exclusively available to Anime Maru staff features monologue where Touka laments her distress over choosing between Kamii University, To-Oh University, and Duke University.

Maru Tokyo Ghoul

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The Season 3 of "Tokyo Ghoul" is definitely happening and it is understood that the upcoming season will feature Touka Kirishima prominently.

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The two ghouls taunt Abara for being abandoned by his squad.

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Maru shoots Washu, suspecting the man of being not only a ghoul, but the head of V. Much to his dismay, his hunch is correct. We learn that he and Mutsuki share a common bond.

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On top of that, the issue between Washu and Maru feels like it was slapped on as an afterthought. It seems like the special investigators will win, until Squad Zero shows up to lend the ghouls a hand. The master and mentor are evenly matched. Find some great comic books here!

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Notify me of follow-up comments by. Tokyo Ghoul Volume 8 is out and things are more heated than ever!

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It feels like Sui Ishida wrote themself into a corner and felt the need to progress everything at once. This would be fine if the other side stories made any progress. I absolutely love the Tokyo Ghoul manga.

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Not anymore. The squad members tender their reation as they obliterate their former coworkers.

Tokyo ghoul season 3 confirmed

Tokyo Ghoul: re Volume 8 treats us with some killer illustrations as well. All in all, this is a pretty solid volume. March 29, at AM. March 22, Looking for a great gaming chair? The Review Wow. Share This. However, it feels like the Rushima subplot was entirely unnecessary for this volume.

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On the other side of the island, Abara prepares to fight Miza and is soon ambushed by Kurona. I am excited to see how this passing of the royal title affects ghoul alliances.

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Home » Tokyo Ghoul: re — Volume 8 Review. I especially enjoy the deranged looks he gives Furata earlier on in the volume.


There is definitely an attempt made to blur the line that separates Mutsuki and Torso, but it fell flat for me. They both killed their respective families.

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Still, there is a lot that this volume of Tokyo Ghoul: re does right. Check out my review here! All of the plot points are difficult to follow.


When Kaneki admits he has no intention of killing his mentor, Arima slits his own throat. In the tense moments that follow, Arima asks Kaneki if he will try to kill him. The result is that all the offspring have heightened human abilities, but also age and die quickly. Before he takes his final breath, Arima asks Kaneki to tell everyone that Kaneki killed him. That is, until Arima drives the broken quinque right through him.

Back on Rushima, we get some backstory on how Naki and Miza teamed up.

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Squad Zero shows up to pay their respects to Arima, and to help Kaneki escape. the conversation! He explains how he, Furata, and Hairu are botched experiments. As the group makes their way through CCG headquarters they stumble across Takatsuki, who is mortally wounded. I was introduced to the series last Christmas and immediately got hooked!

Need to catch up? Everyone from Hakubi Garden is has one ghoul parent.

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Roy Byrd says:. Fans looking to add Tokyo Ghoul: re Volume 8 to their manga collection can find more information here.

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I am excited to see how the story will continue in Tokyo Ghoul: re Volume 9! With his dying breath, Arima spills his guts figuratively to Kaneki.