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Plans to film an all-female version of Lord of the Flies has come under fire on social media. Many have pointed out they think the original William Golding book would not work with girls. The story sees a group of boys stranded on a desert island but their attempt to set up a society descends into savagery.

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There seems to be a fair amount of a Communism theme in LotF, to the point where it seems that Golding is making the point that there are a lot of faults in Communism. And also there's the whole 'what happens with no laws' thing being addressed. I think that most psychologists would agree that this book while a very good one is not an accurate representation of what happens in true stranded-on-an-island situations. People almost always band together in such situations, or create large groups. What are people's thoughts on this?

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Halsted Ave. Runs through: Nov. Steppenwolf for Young Adults has even gone so far as to adopt the marketing strategy used by promoters of the Twilight films in encouraging dialogue about its production of Golding's harrowing portrait of human nature. They are asked to consider whether they would be on "Team Ralph" or "Team Jack. Share this article:. Jack's lust for power and willingness to use fear to control the other boys has little to no grounding in his character, but yet he keeps succeeding.

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Director Halena Keys' has crafted an immersive, multi-sensory, emotionally charged production of this tale of English school boys trying to organize and survive after being stranded on an island that le to discord and half the group descending into savagery. Even at 90 minutes straight through, it's far from easy, yet our teens are ready and capable of handling and discussing the consequences. With rhythmic pounding, dancing, shouting and a variety of special effects, this production might be one of the scariest, most intense incarnations of Lord of the Flies, regardless of age.

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By: William Golding, adapted by Nigel Williams. Some will find this absolutely maddening, while others won't like it but at least acknowledge why Jack was a successful leader.

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Understanding that there's nothing pleasant or optimistic about Golding's story, Keys is unafraid to elicit these emotions in the name of art as a fire starter. Although the play suggests comparisons between men and boys, this ensemble is full of outstanding young men, as far as talent is concerned. The gradual transformation of these civilized boys to boys making a game of their situation to wild animals blind to their wrongdoing lacks some clarity in terms of motivation in an utterly agitating way, but any emotions of frustration and confusion ultimately add fuel to the conversation that should be had around Golding's themes.

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