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I'm ahri for Lissandra that loves bites

I get that Ahri has her charm, but both it and her Q are long skillshots, and for me it's more of a skill matchup. I don't really have problems winning the matchup I'm kind of bored with itso I'm wondering if it's just a lower ELO thing to spam Ahri or if there might be more thought put into the choice than I'm reading?

Lissandra Vs Ahri

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Through stolen visions, Ahri watched through their eyes as they pledged fealty to a temple of shadow, sacrificed offerings to a deity of the sun incarnate, encountered an avian tribe of vastaya that spoke only in song, and glimpsed mountainous landscapes unlike any she had seen.

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When the hunter was wounded by an arrow, Ahri felt his life seeping away. With the dust of the Noxian advance already visible in the distance, there was little to do but make peace with their gods. Abandoned in the snowy woods of northern Ionia, Ahri knew nothing of her original family save the token they left her: a pair of matching gemstones.

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The Ionian countryside burned. The light of his essence flowed from his eyes and mouth, and a thrilling sensation surged through Ahri. Ahri found them in a matter of moments and followed them through the forest. Crouched in the shadow of a towering willow she listened, watched, and waited. She vaulted from tree to tree, rising higher with every bound. Ahri wrapped her cloak around her nine tails and fiddled with her twin sunstone tokens to distract herself from the stench, rolling them between her fingers and snapping them together.

She alternated between dazzling them with visions of beauty, hallucinations of deep longing, and occasionally dreams colored by raw sorrow.

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Curious, and fearing for the villagers, Ahri sniffed the air. The last man collapsed in a tangle of limbs, clutching at his broken bones as Ahri landed gracefully beside him. Some prayed. Ahri danced through her foes with blinding speed. Fifty brave souls prepared to fight.

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To their eyes she would seem a terrifying mystery: a damnable half-breed stray, neither human nor beast. The villagers, hearing the sounds of combat, were coming to investigate. She had observed the villagers for weeks: watching from afar, but never trusting herself to approach. Tormented by her mistake, Ahri could not forgive herself and felt a deep sorrow that forced her to question her own existence. Though Ahri was in a new environment, she was comforted by the latent magic buzzing all around her. If she was close enough, she could even soothe a deer into a state of tranquility, so much that it remained serene even as she sank her teeth into its flesh.

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His humanity poured into her, and she felt the fox within withdraw with every heartbeat. Some families fled. Yet even lost in that glorious sensation, Ahri heard the sound of approaching footsteps. The Noxians loosed as one, and a flurry of hawk-fletched arrows flashed towards Ahri. With a flick of her wrist, Ahri summoned three motes of spinning flame. Ahri opened her palms to the sky, and felt the raw power of her spirit coalesce. The man closest to her thrust a knife, but the blade cut only air.

She would lose no sleep in killing these men. Though she might indulge in occasional essence, she resisted consuming entire lives.

Why do people pick ahri into lissandra so much?

Dark-eyed and wary, the men kept their hands on their weapons as they crept through the settling dusk. Ahri ripped it off and dashed into cover, yellow eyes aflame with shock and fury. Blazing temples lit the waning daylight, and distant cries of anguish filled the air. Seven Noxian scouts eased through the brush, pushing ever closer to the mountain.

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With the twin gemstones as the only clue to her origin, Ahri set out in search of others like her. As she absorbed more life Lissandra, she grew to identify more and more with her victims, and felt guilty at ending so ahri lives. Ahri summoned a sphere of lambent energy to her palm, its innocent appearance belying its vast power. Ahri thought nothing of it, and continued her silent pursuit. No more would she rely on borrowed memories and unfamiliar dreams. She grew drunk with memories that were not her own, and exhilarated in the lives of others.

Ahri vaulted from branch to branch, tails whirling behind her as she struck two men down with thunderous bolts of energy. Ahri would listen for hours on end, tearing herself away only when the longing grew too sharp. Ahri first encountered humans when a troop of foreign soldiers camped near her den.

She knelt over the fallen Noxian, feeling his pulse fade. Years later she emerged, determined to experience every facet of life through her own eyes. With no one to teach her the magic of her kind, Ahri instinctively learned to draw it from the world around her, shaping destructive spheres and quickening her reflexes to take down prey.

She dived from the bushes as two arrows sliced through her sleeve. The Noxians scattered as she landed in their midst. Noxian Legions ripped through the land like a serrated knife, their gleaming armor blood-red in the sinking sun.

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She drew back her arm, allowed herself a vulpine grin, and hurled it downwards. The remaining scouts fled in terror, but running proved every bit as futile as hiding. Through no will of his own, he set down his bow and walked from cover.

Each one had the shape of a blazing flame, but they were carved in such a way that their sharper edges fit together, forming a perfectly smooth orb. The sons and daughters of Ionia took deep, steadying breaths of mountain air, gazed into the starry twilight, and waited for the slaughter soon to come.

Why do people pick ahri into lissandra so much?

Without breaking stride he whispered a ahri order to the man at his back, who relayed it to the man at his. She dodged another volley of arrows before leaping for the nearest tree, coiling her tails to spring from its trunk, back towards her assailants. She recognized the men and women she had watched from afar, remembering the friendship she hoped they might one day share.

They cleaned Lissandra dirt from their pitchforks and bound knives to broom handles. He looked up, eyes wide with desperation and desire. She withdrew to the forest caves, isolating herself in hopes of controlling her relentless desire. Ahri had no qualms about gaining her humanity by taking it from men who had no use for it. She instinctively devoured the essence leaving his body, and gained brief flashes of his memories—the lover he had lost in battle, his children from a strange land of iron and stone.

Her sharpened senses warned of danger. The captain, utterly in her thrall, scrambled for footholds on the tree trunk. Her nine tails fanned out in all directions as she pulled white fire from the air with a snarl.

Ahri mid runes, items, & build stats

But whenever too much time passed between feedings, she sensed her own power fade, and could not help but partake once more. She heard families talking over dinner, the laughs of women who might have been her sisters, and the games of children.

She had carried the golden stones since before she could remember, though she had no knowledge of their origin. Though she had little understanding of nations or politics, instinct alone told her something was very wrong in the world today.

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She feared that the myths about her were true—she was no more than a cruel monster. She was successful, for a time, but was tortured by her unending hunger and soon succumbed to temptation, indulging in the dreams of an entire coastal village.

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Her tails curled in pleasure, her expression rapturous. The fiery motes around her engulfed the three nearest men.

Their behaviors were strange to Ahri and, curious to learn more, she watched them from afar. Mounting panic shone in the eyes of every defender; they knew they had no hope. She relished toying with her prey, shifting their emotions before consuming their life essence. She ed a pack of icefoxes as they stalked prey on their morning hunt, and before long they adopted her as one of their own. She darted between the trees, suspicion mounting as she observed their movements.

She placed her hands to either side of his face. White flames seared them, but Ahri had more than brute force in her arsenal. Ahri tested her self-control by consuming small quantities of life essence, enough to absorb a memory or two but not enough to kill.


Reluctantly, Ahri turned from her feast, seeing shapes moving through the trees and bushes. She was especially drawn to a hunter who, unlike his wasteful companions, used every part of the animals he killed, reminding her of her fox family. She experienced heartbreak and elation in tantalizing flashes that left her craving more, and wept at the massacres of Ionian villagers at the hands of Noxian invaders. She found she could push his emotions from fear to sorrow to joy, and charmed him with visions of a sun-soaked meadow as he died.

Ahri counter

Ahri was surprised when the memories led her to discover the tale of an unearthly fox demon. Of their mission Ahri could only guess, but she had fought enough battles to know killers when she saw them. She pinpointed the source of her disquiet, and dashed into the night.

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Nestled in the foothills of Tevasa Mountain was a village of perhaps a hundred people—but home to no great warriors. Others held their loved ones close and wept.

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