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Tattoos are usually associated with men, it is what the common people would think about.

Japanese Spine Tattoo

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Backbone tattoos or spine tattoos can be the most attractive tattoo on the body due to their unique location. However, people often choose silly des to get tattooed on their spine. First of all, let me clear you that spine tattoos can be painful and if you are thinking of getting your whole spine inked then you should have strong determination for it. Here we have chosen 50 amazing spine tattoo des that will suit both men and women —. Arrow tattoos are the perfect choice for spine tattoos and if you want a large size arrow tattoo on your body then backbone is the perfect place for this. Spine tattoo de need not to just be on the spine only.

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They are located in the astral body with the spine and get started at the base of the spine while running upwards to the crown of the head. Talking of the length, they would cover only the spine itself while the immediate surrounding area would be usually covered an inch or so when looked over from either side.

Besides, it can be a smaller one if you wish to choose so, or maybe increase the length of the root. This is one of my personal favorites from the list of spine tattoos for women.


You can even go on to incorporate the special quotes in the form of a bigger de. Sometimes, the shapes having straight lines and angles tattoo usually symbolize structure and order, while the ones with curves are softer while representing connection and community. The sheer beauty of the flower expresses new promises, hopes to fulfill, and of course, new beginnings.

I, mean, here you have a single thought, or a quote inscribed in Arabic at your spine. Or, maybe we can say that Christmas is nearing and this is quite an exclusive way to deal with the festivities. While there is a merging of the Indian culture and other Eastern philosophies having deep meaning with a tinge of modernization, all of it gets aligned together with the back tattoos.

The dragonfly spine tattoos have popularized themselves in almost every part of the world symbolizing changes in the perspective of self-realization. Since it ifies japanese the symbol has been specially adapted by a lot of cultures.

You can also get your name written if you feel so. Crimson red is also an option if you are up for something different, or eye-catching. So, try it for sure. Get it done, and flaunt it good. Yes, the cultural specificity is here, but we would love to adopt the tattoos for their spiritual bonding, and the immense strength it instills in the soul. Yes, you can smear your tattoo with the best vibrant colors, make it look brighter, and enhance the beauty with the proper kind of colors. This one is comparatively large and intricate compared to any other names from the list.

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While we are trying to decipher the actual meaning behind the geometric spine tattoos, in most of the cases, we would find them being tied to spiritual and religious practices of ancient times. The solar system art thing looks great when done with immense perfection and greatness.

So, choose your Sanskrit carefully and get the divine feeling. The disadvantage of getting a spine tattoo is that they can be very painful, as that region of your japanese is usually very bony. However, in the contemporary world, these tattoos symbolize the perfect balance, clear symmetry, stability, sheer tattoo, deep mystery, and much more. Just like how a spine supports the whole body of an individual, a spine tattoo is symbolic of the spiritual and mental strength that one can get through with it. The pre-historic times saw the Japanese tattoos being associated with spirituality and status symbol, that identified the master from the slave.

Dark green, crimson red, navy blue, or pink, think of the hues that you would love the most, thereby the rose would look pretty as ever. Choose the notations correct, and get started on the largest canvas your body could ever allow. One of the spine reasons why this is so is because it usually makes your back look grandeur by nature.

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This is also the reason why many cultures have also adopted the Mandala symbol. If yes, is the answer and you are immensely happy about this thought, then this is the one for you.

25+ kanji tattoos that will make a bold statement

Beauty is striking the perfect balance with emotion in this flower, and thereby, no other alternative would be able to replace its beauty and historical ificance. All the way from Chinese letters to flowers and butterflies, you can get any depending on your preference. The Solar system thing has become a good source of inspiration to create amazing space or solar tattoos, and also works as a good example where a tattoo gets connected to science while expressing symbolic meanings. Can we listen to it as well? Work well on the notation, and feel good about your achievement.

What many tend to overlook is the deeper meaning of any permanent body art. Get your eyes glued to some of the coolest spine tattoos for women, and be the sassiest one. However, we also sense contrast where we have the thorns symbolizing defense, loss, and mere thoughtlessness.

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Women, who have decided on getting a spine tattoo usually opt for a bigger de because the majority of them look quite nice. Now, we know your thoughts and is one the reason why we have placed the section below for you. So, you got that one, right? This is one of the coolest spine tattoos for women that also bears a heavy philosophical tattoo. So, pinning for a spine tattoo? All the music lovers out there, pay attention now. The spine tattoos for women are usually thought to be hot des that can also japanese feminine for women, and badass for men. Recent times have seen the spine works as a great canvas for the sprawling and intricate Japanese tattoos, especially if you are opting for the Phoenix and dragons.

Of course, they are a mighty thing, but while donning it on the spine, the shapes are a bit reduced to make the size in sync with the body.

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Also, which tune are you strumming today? This thought was comparatively new while we are discussing the tattoo styles. Quote tattoos have also become quite appealing as this is how you try to speak yourself effortlessly and with much ease. So, with all the above in your mind, choose your geometric pattern and shape with great thoughts and interest. Now, comes the petals in red, one after another, and finally you have the beauty.

Start with a straight line, then start making the leaves one after the other. Traditionally, Chinese as a language was written in vertical columns, from top to bottom.

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Now, we are getting back to the winters with the pine, what say? However, while donning this one from the list of spine tattoos for women, you need to be japanese cautious and get it done from an experienced tattoo artist else errors might pop up in transcribing a de or mantra. Another language that has reached the popularity of being one of the widely used spine tattoos for women is the Chinese spine tattoos.

Also, for a bit twist in the texture, you can also think of putting quotes with the butterfly. But once you are through it, you will not regret your decision. Watercolor tattoos are the best options to make your tattoo feel and look lively. Can you imagine the amount of colors being smeared to the tattoo while doing this spine The spine, as discussed before is quite a larger canvas for trying out des like these.

Thus, this system, in a way, makes it a suitable choice for a thin, vertical tattoo when compared to the text in the Roman alphabet. Honestly, the Roses are a complex flower, however have gained much prominence as a tattoo.

Honestly, the chakra tattoos are thought to be symbolical of deeper meanings as the seven primary chakras have been present for centuries, and focussing on the important attributes of the human spirit, mind, and body. Similar to a circle, a mandala is also meant to reflect the perfect balance, eternity, and perfection.

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More than anything else, the rose tattoos have been symbolizing the highest level of passion since time immemorial. That would be the tattoo of the rose. So, now you have enough reasons for getting this one on your back. The Chakras also coincide with a gland in the physical body, and thereby each of these radiates a specific color and energy when deed as the spine tattoos for women. So, do the vines with care, and let the people stare. As the suggests, you can use golden, or dark red, or maybe tinges of violet, other than pure black while getting inked with this de.

For that, we need to have the sassiest backless dress and an attractive spine tattoo. To start off, draw a straight line in green, that would fill the thorns and shoots and smear it in green. While getting a mandala spine tattoo, the goal of the symbol remains to serve as a tool on our spiritual journey as it refers to cosmic and psychic order. Clubbing both the options above is a great thing, especially if you are trying to be the star of the show.

There are a lot of japanese for you to choose from when it comes to selecting a spine tattoo. Besides, butterflies are thought to be lucky due to their lively spirit, and the colors they would fill in the lives of the spine. However, a quote in a horizontal line steals the limelight in the best ever way.

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Most individuals who finally decide to get a spine tattoo, usually do so by opting for a larger-than-life de. Honestly, spine tattoos do hurt because the spine and neck are thought to be the most sensitive areas. So, to conclude, this one is great to go if you love to work on the edge. You can scribble as much as long a tattoo you want, depending on the thoughts you have and the amount of pain you can endure. Here, we have the cycles of the moon, and that becomes quite a ificant and powerful image to get inked because they symbolize gentleness, growth and can be also linked to the circle of life, death, and reincarnation.

More than anything else, the japanese trees are easy to draw, and that makes half the work easy. Besides, this idea is tattoo inspiring to individuals who contemplate their mortality based on the cyclical nature of time. Spine tattoos for women— just like any other tattoo inked on another spine — also has a ificant meaning attached to it. The spine quote tattoos have become one of the favorite spine tattoos for women, and the prime reason being the inspirational and heart-warming quotes that also work best as therapy.

So, why not try the dragon this time? The lotus flower spine tattoos represent peace, purity, and spiritual awakening.

Spine tattoos japanese letters

Yes, we remembered the grapevines with this tattoo. Just for a pro-tip, try to get the entire thing done in black ink for an enhanced effect. But if you have a strong will then there is certainly a way to get out of that pain.

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All set to rock the stage? This is almost like the Indianization of the tattoo where you propagate the Sanskrit language. These days, the solar system has become a realistic tattoo where it is producing the perfect 3D effect with the sun and its planets as spine tattoos for women. They look cool, make you feel mightier, and are the style you desired.

The Chakras are thought to be the energy centers of the body.