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This is a weird request but I know some of the Swanqueen stories aren't available anymore. And I know people save fics in a pdf file. So does anybody have a list and summary with pdf attached of swanqueen stories no longer available over a hundred thousand words long?

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A fan's way of letting a story they love continue on by creating a new story in the same world.

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I noticed most of the other definitions here completely trash fanfiction. Obsessed Fan: I love Inuyasha sooooo much! Distributed via mailing listsblogs, and zines.

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But there are a few with original ideasgreat storylines, and interesting fancharacters writeen by creative writters. Some of the best stuff I've ever read can be found in the fandom!

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A fan's way of saving their favorite characters, fixing thing's they don't like in the plot, and pairing up characters that have nothing in common, were never supposed to be together, and have zero chemistry. My friend's Star Wars fanfiction got an F in English class simply because it was fanfiction. Something English teachers don't like.

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But, if you take the time to find something decent, you can end up with a fanfiction story that is so close to the original piece of art, that you'd barely notice the difference. Sometimes they write crossovers. Put bluntlyfiction by the fans.

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Sometimes people will take characters from one movie and put them in another, which is called a cross-over. Poor Kate. Mary decided to write a fanfiction based on a story she had read.

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It is true, however, that some fanfictions are rather poorly written and only a few hundred words, and it is also true that some people just write them so they can have their favorite characters have sex lemon. Typically separated into het, slash, and general genres. Your worst enemy: I wrote a fanfic where Edward fell in love with Jacob.

Friend 1: Awesome! Your English teacher's worst nightmare.

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Heavily archived online. First, definition: Fanfiction is when someone takes either the story or characters or both of a certain piece of workwhether it be a novel, tv show, movie, etc, and create their own story based on it.

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Many of them have poor grammar, thin plots, and bad spelling. Bad examplebut sadly sometimes true. Most people who bash fanfiction are not willing to look past the fact that it's based on something else to see that it could be worth reading IF you like the subject. Stories written by fans of a certain TV show, cartoon, anime, book, or movie using existing plots, characters, or ideas from the series but then continuing the story, adding new characters, changing the ending, or changing the plot.

Tropes in the series:

Kate writes fanfiction about what would've happened to Jack and Rose had the Titanic not sunk. Fiction written by fans for other fans about the fandoms that they like. I think I'll write my own fanfiction about it. A piece of fiction within a fandom utilizing characters and situations from a pre-existing work including but not limited to books, television programs, films, and comic strips. These ones are worth reading. Something this English teacher heartily approves of as a way for writers to hone their art in a supportive community.

Fairy tail and my hero academia fanfiction

I wrote a fanfic where Darth Vader turned out to be a good guy! Most fanfiction is found only at fansites of the series or a general site for all types of fanfiction. If they don't like the subject, then obviously they are going to automatically dismiss the fanfiction.

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Good example, it's rare that someone does it perfectly but there are some out there Sue was so angry that her two favorite characters never got together that she wrote her own story in which the first thing they did was have sex and get married. Trying to find a non-crap, non-smut fanfiction is a little like trying to mine for gold.