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I'd while masterbating lady who headaches hangouts

Started by paul. Science News Features. Interviews Answers to Science Questions.

Headache While Masterbating

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It scared me a bit because the headaches have never happened so close together I had one last evening, and my head is still killing me this morning, certainly not as bad as a migraine now but the ache is still intense. I'm not usually as directive as this. Have always loved living here on this wild amazing island. I could talk forever but I really want to say what I've said.

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Ok I just did a google search on 'headache during orgasm' and I found this site I never realised it is such a problem for people! After I realized I was getting a headache I concentrated on breathing It ached for a few hours, I took some aspirin and it went away reasonably quickly.

Have you ever had a thunderclap headache during orgasm?

But honestly I learned early on when I first started having orgasms taking a deep breath in right as I was climaxing made my orgasms last longer Do any of you not tense up or keep on breathing during your orgasm? She was worried about orgasms and aneurysms in June last year? I got here by a google search, as well.

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I'm just scared, and wish I had medical insurance so I could go get this checked out! Orgasms had and still can be an absolutely wonderful part of my life. Well as yet I haven't I will try though next time Thanks for the tip. Anyway, they said that the only thing they could put it down to was a thunderclap headache. I feel I should say that before I had my brain haemorrhage I had had no shocking headaches during sex before.

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So fast and so sad. Now, never having experienced this before, I was in a bit of a panic! s: Have you ever had a Thunderclap Headache During Orgasm? It looks like there are several different reasons for headache during orgasm, and that its good to go to the dr. In fact, after the first one it was several years before I had another, and there have been years between masterbating until the one I had two weeks ago. Two hours later and the pain was just as severe so I went to hospital where they gave me lots of pain killers,none of which worked, and a ct scan. After returning from a long holiday, my girlfriend and I were making love, in a way requiring no exertion on my part due to an injury I sustained on holiday, soon to be explained and as I felt I was about to orgasm, a stabbing pain developed in the rear left portion of my brain.

I'd think that would help to have a controlled ecstasy in orgasm if that's no contradiction! They don't occur every time. Headache comes instantly, during buildup to orgasm - which it effectively kills -behind eyes and forehead, will also describe while as 'excruciating' like everyone elselingers next day at top of head in form of dull headache.

Wildpats [? I'm sure my BP is probably through the roof at that time. I'm seeing my GP next friday, and will post any answers I get here.

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I was just wondering how to protect my rear After all that thunder what will appear? I never learned to relax. Thankful for reassurance of knowing I am not alone, nor frigid or whatever. And thanks for the tip about taking a deep breath at the start of your climax. It was excrutiating, worse than I remember them being before, and located in the lower back of my head, on the left side.

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To those who think this is age related, I'm 16, and have just started having this problem. I have just recently come out of hospital after suffering one of these headaches. Cannot you have your condition checked out without medical insurance?

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I had to vomit. I've masterbating these headaches off and on since I was 16, always in the same place. It can be done BUT it's better to be safe while go through being so physically challenged. The headache reduces dramatically after a minute or two, but a dull ache persists for a few hours. I really could do with a cure cos I love having orgasms and now I'm too scared to!! I have since seen my boyfriend and I suffered the same problem again, but I could feel it coming no pun intended!! I had always masterbating up before climax part of the excitement but I don't think I held my breath otherwise I probably wouldn't be here today.

I try not to hold my breath, but I just end up headache it. Then last night it happened again. Web site warns site has had no new activity in past days, and I'm not able to add much new, except that I take the antidepressant Zoloft, and am also taking natural hormones in cream application and still get period. I have never had any sexual problems before. The one I suffered before my aneurysm began as if a headache band was being tightened fiercely around my whole head.

The injury I referred to is while back one - putting out a fire in sweden, I tore a lot of muscles in my back, couldn't move for a few days, and have been on painkillers since. I read that she was given headache tablets by her GP. Strokes are all totally individual. I don't know, I've tried not tensing up, or to keep on breathing. It appeared just before I was approaching orgasm, and got worse as orgasm occured.

Next day I was found paralysed down the one side after my partner returned from work.

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Some of you have asked in this forum for descriptions of types of headache to be described. Interviews Answers to Science Questions. I am desperate to know if anyone found any new developments to add what I've just read, or can mention if doctors prescribed anything that works.

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Hadrian Naked Science Forum King! I'm trying to put in a word hoping Begonia I think it was will reply. I am not exactly perfectly healthy, having experienced a cancerous growth, kidney stones and a minor heart problem, but non of these things affect my blood pressure or my brain, as the heart condition merely causes occasional pain, and no damage.

Can't add anything different except add to statistics 62, F, never had this problem before this week, doesn't matter the position, DON'T have sinus problems that I know of, AM overweight, think I don't breathe correctly even out of bed as I am constantly yawning, which I believe is a reflex to get more oxygen into body.

Prevention of headaches or migraines triggered by sex or orgasm

G'day I'm from Down Under Down under. I'd sure like to know how! Tasmania, the land of the disappearing Devil. Now I discover that it is quite common. I was sent home but still had quite a headache.

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No one else has ever communicated with me about a similar experience and in hospital, staff did not want to know. Over a week ago, I was masturbating while having phone sex with my boyfriend who lives quite far away from me, when as I was about to reach climax, this excruciating headache appeared out of nowhere! Started by paul. Really I think I had this little balloon in my brain while birth that just had too much pressure from other life activities my job and environmental activities were always full on.

Anyway that's all for now. I've been alone for the last 15 headaches and have just started a relationship so would like to be able to relax and masterbating a second chance and know its not over and done with just because of my age. I had wondered if the hormone creams might be messing up my hormonal balance I use hormones to counter developing diabetesor if any of the Beta Blockers mentioned were used by anyone also on an antidepressant.

It took me a few years to overcome fear and learn how to enjoy sex again. I feel really bad at my only other post which was a red tirade of warning to get help if you're having headaches.

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Clutching my head obviously scared my girlfriend a lot, and ever since, with her or on my own, exertion or no exertion, I experience this pain. I've been worried that holding my breath has damaged something in my brain.

Headache masterbation. sleep all normal.

I have a habit of holding my breath, and had been holding my breath off and on up until the headache began. Science News Features. We in Tas are devastated by the increasing wipe-out of our Tasmanian Devil. That also came back clear.