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I am dump for girlfriend who like Guy

This scorned lover has taken revenge on his cheating girlfriend in the most brutal albeit creative way possible. YouTuber beanyneilpudsey found out his girlfriend was sleeping with another man while also planning for their wedding simultaneously.

Guy Dumps Cheating Girlfriend

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By Phoebe Jackson-edwards For Mailonline. A man who claims his girlfriend was cheating on him took his revenge by giving her a Valentine's Day card filled with evidence. Kyle Boggess, from California, claimed he had found his girlfriend of two weeks on Plenty Of Fish after he created a fake profile to catch her out. Kyle then filmed a Valentine's surprise with rose petals and gifts before blindfolding the woman. In the footage he gives her the card, telling her 'that's you cheating on me' as her expression changes. Kyle Boggess, from California, made a Valentine's surprise for his girlfriend and blindfolded her, leading her up to a room filled with rose petals.

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Smoker: Yes

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He then broke up with me. I never thought my relationship would end over something so stupid. However, as anyone who's tried to weave an elaborate web of lies will know, things can get out of hand very easily when it comes to stretching the truth.

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Is it 'don't turn vegan if you want to keep eating McNuggets'? The story was posted on Reddit two days ago but has since been removed by moderators.

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Food for thought. She wrote: "So at least twice a week I would sneak out the house and say I'm just going to the supermarket or running errands and then I'd go to McDonald's and eat a bunch of nuggets or a McChicken. She says she 'came clean about the whole thing' but the fella refused to believe her - and to be fair, who could blame him? The woman said that they had been together for 'nearly three years', while her then-boyfriend had been living a vegan lifestyle 'since he was 18'.

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Or is it 'happiness cannot be found between vegans and Maccies addicts'? Chosen for You Chosen for You. Most Read Stories Most Read.

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The woman then put her issue out to fellow Redditors, saying: "He thinks I'm lying about going to McDonald's and he is convinced I'm just covering up that I'm sleeping with another guy. Advert However, her next step would dramatically change the course of her relationship. She then went on to explain that they had moved in together last year and that he wanted her to 'try out veganism' - a ificant commitment for anyone, but she added: "Honestly, I was contemplating going vegan beforehand so I thought why not.

However, the content was saved by another user, ensuring its legend can live on.

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What is the advice here? The story was posted at a 'relationship advice' thread on Reddit - but it makes you wonder. Published06 March GMT. A woman has shared the story of how she was dumped because her vegan boyfriend thought she was cheating on him - when in fact she was sneaking off to eat McDonald's.

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