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Swede fanfiction found friend to Gta

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Gta 5 Fanfiction

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Hey everyone, this is a new story I was thinking of writing so I have.

What is my age: 31
Tone of my iris: Lively dark
What is my figure features: My figure features is quite strong

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cute prostitute Evelyn

Part of me wants to include the hireable crew in here due in part because Taliana Martinez is the queen of them and I will die on that hillbut I can't think of a way to include them without it seeming like they're third wheels. Created Mar 2, Top posts december 22nd Top posts of december, Top posts Back to Top. I may pop back on here if any more problems arise, bit for now, thank you for any constructive criticism you may provide.

horney lady Journee

Sort by: best. That's all I can see as problems for now.

Grandtheftauto stories

Posted by 3 years ago. Also o figured Trevor never stops committing crimes or working with Trevor Philips Industries", sorry if that's what I implied The Bureau Raid was to delete the guy's record, so how does the crew wind up Scot free with the IAA and such?

ebony girl Kenzie

Still keeping with the creepy quiet weirdo thing. Found the internet! I recognize that The Big Score was supposed to mean that the guys could retire from crime.

cute single Leanna

More posts from the GTAV community. The idea is that in this universe, while Lester turns to the GTAO Character for the job, he figures a whole crew of them is a little too unreliable, so he turns to Franklin, Micheal, and Trevor to fill the other gaps. How well would Agent 14 and Phoneicia Rackman know of the trio?

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Stupid or Logical? Here's a few points I want to be sure of so this story doesn't screw up single player's story.

white miss Elaine

Also o figured Trevor never stops committing crimes or working with Trevor Philips Industries", sorry if that's what I implied. So, I recently came up with an idea for an alternate take on The Doomsday Heist.

tight babe Lennox

I want Franklin to cut Lamar in on this job somehow, but A Lester doesn't work with amateurs, and B the same problem as my last point arises. I figured I might get something stupid if I just blindly went in, so I'm turning here for a few questions to make sure the story makes sense. In this story, I figure the world being destroyed is big enough of a deal that Lester has to get people he knows can handle this.