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Thai fanfiction pick lemon and for Goku

I love animes so sometimes I like to read fanfics : I'm not a good writer so I'm not posting any stories.

Goku And Chichi Fanfiction Lemon

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Goku had finally returned from his misadventures that occurred when Namek blew up and sent him zooming across the universe. His time away had heightened his desire for his wife, and so finally making it back home to be confronted by his friends and the boy from the future with the up coming revelations of androids and more evil was definitely not on his agenda of things he wanted to do. He listened patiently as the lavender youth proceeded to outline the disasters that were to come and heeded the warnings, even if his mind was elsewhere. At last the boy finished his story and as unbelievable as it sounded to them all Goku knew he was telling the truth.

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Each body part slid into the next.

Even the strongest cares (goku x chichi)[discontinued]

Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ. Goku is as free as a bird, and I can't see anyone owning him. The champion of the universe was having problems in the bedroom. I'm listening. I mean, I was dead so long I've forgotten how stuff on Earth works. But you look alright now. It's like she's another person. The Earth warrior looked human enough, but a closer look would confirm that he wasn't. North Kai was about to speak when Goku sighed, a deep heaving sigh that rustled the leaves of a nearby tree. Do you know anything about hanky panky? Goku's chin dropped to his chest, and his shoulders slumped.

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Maybe, the North Kai thought, what Goku needed was an offer from a supernatural being to come take a little visit to the Other Realm? Here was a man who always answered every call and obligation put before him. She reminds me to do things like that in a very sweet voice. That's why the gods had let Goku keep it both times he'd been dead so far. How is she different? The man's musculature wasn't human either--Goku looked like an Olympian athlete, but his form was drawn without a single flaw.

Flowers ❤ (lemon, warning in beginning!)

Goku froze just as his toe was entering the boot, and his buoyant, upside-down u eyebrows lowered a tiny bit. I was concerned because, for a moment there, you looked so sad. Then he hopped onto a fair-sized boulder jutting from the stream bank, lay down the fish, and began to put on his orange pants and shirt.

I mean--the clothes were just always on in the Other World. North Kai smiled as his supernatural senses received the pastoral vision of Goku, pink as a newborn in places but mostly light tan all over, ambling along a spring-green path with a giant fish slung over his shoulder. Chi Chi always said that lovemaking was private business and that I wasn't supposed to talk to anyone in the world about it.

I am the supervising deity of your section of the galaxy, you know. It's weird. Is the universe in danger again?

There wasn't a hair on the whole body except for the head. It makes women act downright unnatural sometimes, I've heard.

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This time the tree leaves didn't flutter. Anyway, you know what I'm talking about?

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I'm serious--it's not like her at all. But since you're not in this world exactlyI suppose it's ok to tell you things, right? An amphibian trapeze act…oh, never mind….

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Cooking all your favorite meals for you and drawing your bathwater, right? It was as if the waterfall itself had hesitated mid-flow. Goku's smile dimmed. North Kai aimed his antennae towards a swirly far arm of the Milky Way, and the presence of the strongest being in the universe rang loud and clear.

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Well, what do you know! Son Goku was walking naked alongside a Mount Paozu stream.

Chi Chi? The little Ox-princess with the bossy attitude? Maybe the free spirit needed a little more elbow room because the planet Earth was just too small to hold his immense good heart? And no one missed the Saiyan more than the portly blue spirit sitting in the empty bleachers in Heaven's stadium.

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North Kai folded his arms. Goku opened his mouth but no words came out. Craving entertainment, the blue spirit wiggled his antennae and scanned the universe: Nothing…nothing…an old star coughing up the last of its stellar wind…nothing… nothing…oh there! But Chi Chi doesn't yell at me to put them on or anything. North Kai knew now that something serious was up with his good friend. The warrior who never hesitated seemed like he was afraid to divulge a secret.

I always keep forgetting to put my clothes on in the morning. I didn't think there was anybody I could talk to. The sight of so much exposed skin startled North Kai, because Goku as an angel had worn the spiritual emanation of the same loose-fitting orange gi year in and year out. He was a hero in every sense of the word, and nobody didn't love Goku. Maybe that's a girls' word. The honeymoon's over, old friend. The second boot went on, and that's when the warrior's face darkened again.

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Earth women in particular. Yes, it was a body the gods envied.

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Goodness, this was strange. North Kai laughed. There hadn't been a decent tournament here since Goku returned to Life. Then the act of sliding the boot on d, and the warrior's face was as untroubled as before.

Nothing jiggled or wrinkled or puckered anywhere. Goku smiled only half-heartedly, and North Kai knew: He really doesn't want to go home! Can you be more specific about your problem? Something like dread seemed to pass across the face of the universe's strongest. See Pikon and some of the other strong dead boys and maybe get together for, say… a tournament? Warnings: None really, except that this fic contains a scene of Goku having explicit sex with his wife. Goku flattened his palms on his thighs, raised his shoulders, and huffed a little breath of air before he spoke.

The warrior's voice was a little louder than a whisper, as if he was being careful not to let anyone else overhear. Uh oh.

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A sparring holiday? Nudity seemed to suit the warrior better, though.

Goku walked for miles along the green path evidently for the scenery alone since he could fly or teleport to any destination in the blink of an eye until he came upon a spot of bright orange near a waterfall. A breeze blew through his spikey hair and blousy clothes, and the warrior sat on the rock transfixed in melancholy.

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North Kai continued to watch, not wanting to disrupt the warrior's happy solitude, and then, just as Goku was about to put on his soft blue boots, something odd happened. North Kai was sure of it this time. Not quite a full month in Earth time, I think. That thing that married people do to make babies happen? If ever there had been a spirit who brightened that already bright realm, Goku was the one.

Maybe she doesn't like me that way anymore? Two faint eyebrows topped two deep brown eyes, but the rest of the hair was a black nest of spikes that defied Earth's gravity in every direction. North Kai frowned.