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Try to get his temperature down to around normal isi. See your vet ASAP.

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The idea is to provide him with a totally cushioned and absorptive environment that will restrict his rolling and uncontrolled movements until he can get full treatment. Mary E. Cotter, Ed. Share this Article Print. Get tips for what to do if your rabbit gets sick and you can't get to the vet. Runny Eyes Runny eyes do not usually constitute an emergency, but if your rabbit sustains trauma to the eye, resulting in a serious corneal scratch or ulcer, you should get veterinary treatment as soon as possible.

A head-tilt presentation can be very frightening for owners.

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If you can get to a veterinary emergency clinic, your bunny can receive subcutaneous fluids. Bites Bunnies often inflict serious bites on one another, if they are not properly bonded.

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He is dizzy, unable to regain coordination. Sudden Fever If your bunny spikes a sudden, very high fever we have seen fevers as high as or — literally off most thermometerscool him down by swabbing his ears with alcohol or wet-towel-wrapped ice cubes. See your vet, ASAP, for a thorough examination, diagnosis, and follow-up. Try to keep your bunny in as clean an environment as possible until you can see your vet — to prevent dirt from contaminating the injury site.

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Prepare a box or other carefully restricted environment for him, thickly padded with towels or fake sheepskin. NB: Head-tilt bunnies often continue to have lusty appetites, but their lack of coordination makes it very difficult for them to eat or drink.

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If you like, you can use styptic powder available in drug storesplain flour, or even a bar of soap rubbed on the end of the nail to help stop the bleeding. Be sure to see your vet for follow-up care to this second kind of break, since bacterial infection can travel to the bone and cause serious problems. Up Log In. Hide Saved searches. Some bunny-friendly antibiotics: Baytril and other fluoroquinolones, such as Orbax, Dicural, Ciprofloxacin, MaxaquinTrimethoprim Sulfa aka: Sulfatrim, Bactrim, Tribrissen, TMP-SMZchloramphenicol take extreme care not to touch it when administering it; it can cause aplastic anemia in some peopleGentocin and other aminoglycosides — though these need to be used carefully to prevent ear and kidney damage.

Because it causes such rapid dehydration, diarrhea can be life threatening.

The emergency vet can clean and dress the wounds. Broken Bones Take your bunny to any emergency clinic, so that the bone can be stabilized until you can see your regular rabbit vet. If your bunny has broken a nail, or if you have cut too close to the blood vessel, apply pressure with a clean towel for a couple of minutes, until the bleeding stops.

If there is no such clinic near you, please ask your vet now — before an emergency arises — to teach you how to administer fluids at home.

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This will help to prevent further injury. If he tries to walk or hop, he falls over and starts rolling around. If the emergency vet feels systemic antibiotics should be administered because of the extent of the bites, make sure that oral penicillin and derivatives such as amoxicillin are not used.

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Apply a very thin layer of regular Neosporin triple antibiotic ointment ; do not use Neosporin Plus! You can also dip your fingers into ice water, and gently stroke his ears for several minutes at a time. More in Rabbit Health.

Help! my rabbit is sick and i can’t reach my vet!

In some cases, his eyes dart back and forth very rapidly, and the iris appears to be almost vibrating. Most superficial bunny bite wounds can be treated by shaving the hair and applying topical ointment and dressing until you can see your regular vet. If the nail breaks off right at the base, clean the area thoroughly with Nolvasan you can get it through your vetand apply a thin coat of regular triple antibiotic ointment, such as Neosporin not Neosporin Plus, or any other product that contains cortisone!!!

Heat Stroke Cool your bunny as above, and administer sub-q fluids. Finding pets for you….

Make sure your bunny has easy access to food and water so that he does not have to move around to get to it. Bacteria introduced into the bite wound can travel through the bloodstream and seed other body areas, eventually producing abscesses.

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Gently wash the area around the bite wound with Nolvasan chlorhexidine solution. This kind of diarrhea is generally the result of parasites coccidia or inappropriate antibiotics administered by well-meaning but not well-informed vets. See your own rabbit-savvy vet as soon as possible for proper diagnosis and follow-up treatment.

Although penicillin is not ordinarily a drug of first choice for most bunny ailments and it should never be administered orallyinjectable Pen-G Procaine can be very useful for specific kinds of problems.

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Help your bunny to eat or drink in any way you can: hold the water bottle near his mouth, or carefully syringe water into him through the side of his mouth watching to make sure he is not aspirating it! For this reason, you should definitely ask you vet to check any but the most superficial bites. Bunnies are usually very appreciative of this effort, and will often tilt their he to cooperate with you.

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Extra cooling can be achieved by taking chilled cans or frozen vegetable boxes from your refrigerator, wrapping them in towels, and packing them around your bunny. Micotil and cephalosporins should also be avoided. The experience of many excellent rabbit vets, however, has shown that, with a dedicated owner treatment may extend over a period of months and a bunny who is a fighter, head tilt can be treated very satisfactorily, and many if not most bunnies can make a full, or close-to-full, recovery.

Head Tilt Your bunny loses his balance, and his head starts twisting toward the ceiling; he looks like something out of The Exorcist. Anorexia The most common causes of anorexia are: 1 teeth problems, 2 gas pain, 3 gastrointestinal problems. Many dog-and-cat vets will tell you that a head-tilt bunny should simply be euthanized. Close Main Menu. The bunny may be limp and very weak. If you can get to a veterinary emergency clinic, the eye can be stained to assess the damage, and the emergency vet can administer antibiotic drops usually tribiotic ophthalmic drops or ointment, to tide you over until you can see you own vet.

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Administer subcutaneous fluids as soon as possible. It is brown, watery discharge, which is often profuse.

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If the bites are extensive, try to get to an emergency veterinary service. If the emergency clinic needs to anesthetize your bunny to do x-rays or to stabilize the leg, isoflurane is the preferred anesthesia for rabbits. Sick Bunnies Get tips for what to do if your rabbit gets sick and you can't get to the vet.