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Thai boyfriend Feminize for male your meeting

This topic often sounds absurd to traditional women. If you think about it, men having to act in a masculine way is just a social construct made by men themselves to promote and justify gender inequality.

Feminize Your Boyfriend

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Would I like my boyfriend to show more traditionally feminine traits? If so, doesn't every woman? Lol of course I do. I wish he would open up to me more without feeling like less of a man for getting upset or even crying.

Years: 18
What is my ethnicity: Greek
What I like to drink: Champagne
Piercing: Tragus piercing
I have tattoo: None
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Introduce him to silky sheer stockings or pantyhose, again having great sex while doings do so that he associates it with the clothing. In a few month 1 - sHE'll want to dress up better, Example sHE'llShe love shopping and maybe even drag to a shopping mall.

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That's not who he is, why're you trying to change him? I would probably start by asking him to do less masculine things for you.

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It would probably be easier to just get a new boyfriend. Make HEr wear lace panties to get HEr use to them. NicoletteKomotov Explorer. I'd like to get him into nicer clothes instead of his rough blue jeans and crappy jockey shorts, you know, be more feminine and be not only my lover but my best friend to spend time with and talk to?

Men get with a woman hoping that she'll stay exactly the same, but she never does.

How can i secretly feminize my boyfriend?

If he is aroused you are on track. MrOracle opinions shared on Girl's Behavior topic. Doubt you'd like that huh QA? Girl's Behavior. Make sure you give him the best sexual experience you can. Gradually include a bit of feminine clothing panties, jewelry. Add Opinion. And if you somehow accomplished it, you'd eventually hate him Feminize being so emasculated.

Least of all Your drugging people and boyfriend with their body and behavior? So obviously i did it then she started fingering me using dildos in me then a strap on. Key thing is at first use the testosterone horniness to introduce and control him, once he is actively trying to feminize for you then begin the herbals and ultimately hormones. Soon he'll be like these gorgeous gurls for you to have fun with and spend time with. I want to get him to be softer and want to shop and spend more time with me. These won't do much but it's a prelude to getting hormones and testosterone blockers. I think this is happening to me, its crazy didn't think this could happen!

Once he is in the habit and looks for your compliments then you can encourage trying hormones not just estrogen you MUST have a testosterone blocker - spironolact - otherwise you'll actually make more testosterone. Jerk hmi with them and let him associate them with feeling good.

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Have you ever tried to like what he likes, or in with his football or riding motorcycles with him? Panties, silky feeling things. Xper 7. Make him please you and give a lot of tease and denial however let him orgasm eventually. The problem is after you turn him into a woman you will then see him like you see your female friends, then you will not see him as a male lover because he will not be a man anymore but the woman you made him to be, then you will dump him to be with a man leaving him a now transformed male to female in a world that will not accept him.

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Up Now! Related Questions. How would you like it if your man tried to change you to how he wants? After a few month start showing him how he can be more attractive to you introduce more feminine cloths, make-up.

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It'll never work. Get him to work on his figure with some simple exercises.

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How can I secretly feminize my boyfriend? All the time telling him how much he turns you on by being your girlfriend. You'd hate him if it did. His interests will be in maintaining his feminine appearance, shopping for clothes with you, enjoying being girly with you, and sports and such will fall off his list of things he'll want to be involved in.

He says he loves me but leaves me alone and he really thinks it's OK. I know this sounds desprete but he says he wants to be by my side all the time and when they come over he just leaves. Buy some herbal "Curves. Try asking him to do specific things, like give a foot rub, or paint your nails. Depends on how clueless he is. He should start to look forward to these times.

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I want my partner back, my best firend back. So I'm going to do what you suggest, not just because you said it but I want my best friend back thanks. I'm not sure if he is happy being who he is.

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Little by little do this over an over ensuring he pleases you, but start making him wait until the next time for his pleasure. Be nice to the new girl that you boyfriend will be, Make HEr coffee every morning and put feminize control pills in it ever day. At this point, you can have him do the boyfriends in this book so he can be his best feminine self. Show All. Girls, How can I feminize my boyfriend? You your with your man because he's a MAN. And while there is nothing wrong with him spending more time with you, he'll never be one of your girlfriends, and it's wrong of you to try to make him one.

As time moves on start enticing him by calling him your girlfriend before, during and after sex. Wellthen5 Xper 3. The next day tease lightly about what you would like to do with him not too many details. Macho guys need to know exactly what you are asking for or they will get confused. Be sure to continually tell him how hot he makes you how beautiful he is becoming and how you can't get enough.

Xper 6. You realize that's some Bill Cosby levels of demented right? Start out with introducing articles of women's clothing into sex. Share Facebook. Do these scenarious for a few weeks. Without him knowing? Once you are there begin asking him to wear apnties daily - tell him how hot it makes you. Soon he will have a fetish for women's clothing and you'll be able to dress him up, do his makeup etc. DogEatsCat Xper 6.

Savage love: how to make your boyfriend “the girl”

Sort Girls First Guys First. Trust me.

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You say it all so perfect would love to have someone like u. You'd think it was abusive behavior if he was secretly making you do more masculine things, or putting drugs into your coffee as some here have suggested--that is truly stepping into demented behavior.

Girls on reddit, do/would you like to feminize your boyfriend? why?

Then get him to shave his legs and body hair off so it feels better for him. Even if these have little impact congratulate him on every effort - and give sexual bonuses.

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He is who he is. My boyfriend is great don't get me wrong but he watches too much football and leaves with his men friends to ride his Harley leaving me alone. Talked to him and be very honest? Absolutely not.

Good Luck!