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Evan Peters Penis

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This week's American Horror Story episode finally shut down all those theories on who cast alumni Evan Peters would be playing. This little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef, and this little piggy had Well we weren't expecting that! That's right American Horror Story fans, Evan Peters made his glorious and unexpected arrival on Roanoke this week and it was everything we hoped for and more.

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Who else can ask out Kate Winslet without blinking—or breaking his spot-on Pennsylvanian accent? He used to knit, gets nervous on first dates and even accidentally flashed Jessica Lange on set. While Peters couldn't relate to his real estate character Stan, he had us swooning again during an interview with GQ during which he called the role "heartbreaking.

OK truth be told, we did think Tate Langdon was hot.

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On top of all that, Peters is as down to earth as possible when it comes to his offscreen love life. American Animals.

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The inseparable couple were the It duo of the moment with their red carpet debut being seen 'round the gram. No wonder he's been linked to more than one past co-star It was just one episode but his presence in iconic series The Office is still worth a shoutout.

And no, this is not the first time Peters has played a dead man come back to life Speaking of X-Menhe began playing the fast-talking and moving Quicksilver in His ironic quips and deadpan delivery only reminded fans that Peters is secretly at heart a comedian—but he really can do it all, even at the speed of light.

Peters will play the titular serial killer, and we just know he'll shine per usual. I need a couple more chances than just the first one. Warner Bros.

Evan peters talks about his cock sock – and why it keeps falling off

Multiverse Marvel fans may have been disappointed his casting wasn't an Easter egg for X-Men 's Quicksilver also Pietro, it's OK if you're confused too but we certainly want him back if there's ever a WandaVision second season. Peters effortlessly fit in with Michael Scott Steve Carrell and crew as Michael's nitwit nephew who got a job through what else?

This story was originally published on Monday, May 17, at 9 a. But let's put it this way: If you're watching TV, or movies, or paying attention to pop culture at all, Peters deserves more love.

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Just count Peters among the many other Office celeb cameos! We're talking about our hearts, people!

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Multiverses, man. We're still shook by Detective Colin Zabel Peters untimely death and it was right after he asked Winslet's Mare out on a date! Maybe he'll even pop up on a possible reunion. Peters of course steals more than just library books in his role.

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Peters, we would give you all the chances and more. For A Whole Spooky Decade. Pietro's back! Yes, Kate Winslet is amazing in everything she does—so it really takes a true talent like Evan Peters to almost outshine an Academy Award winner. While probably not the most important character on One Tree Hill — let's face it, definitely not—Jack still marked a pivotal turning point in the show's sixth season. Warning: This article features spoilers for episode five of Mare of Easttown.

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After almost being Mr. Emma Roberts twicePeters became Halsey 's " darling " during a whirlwind romance. Marvel Studios. Yet her brother wasn't what he seemed—in reality, Pietro's reincarnation was just neighbor Ralph Bohner under mind control—but their sweet reunion was more emotional thanks to Peters' dedicated performance.

We get you, girl. Can we get some Emmy nods up in here already? We stan Zabel, dead or alive. Based on a real rare book heist, American Animals was a critically-acclaimed film, even if a quiet one.

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Not because he was a murderer come on, we're not that twisted over here but because Peters' performance was just that emotionally gripping. He was the appropriately-named Ass Kicker in Kick-Ass 2 after being a supportive sidekick in the first film.

With both his exes having since moved onwe're available for any "swimmingly" cute Valentine's Daysjust saying. Even Lindsay Lohan included Peters on her infamous little black book list, along with Hollywood's fellow hottest men. Mare of Easttown. American Horror Story.

"there’s a 50/50 chance your c**k is going to be coming out."

Oh, to be his slipped "cock sock" during that sex scene. This was his second film appearance in the same year he made his screen debut, and Peters played an annoying teen nerd perfectly.

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With foster parents, gun standoffs and a best friend-turned-love interest storyline with Sam Ashley WalkerPeters' one-season stint certainly was packed with drama. Finallyany excuse to mention the insanely undervalued teen film Sleepover.

Visit E! In honor of Peters' Emmy win, let's relive some of his best roles so far Trending Stories.

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Ever since the first American Horror Story season inPeters just kept getting better and better He even makes frat boy chic look cute! But back to acting! In case you missed it, Evan Peters is our latest internet obsession.

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Next, Peters is slated to take on a more sinister role with longtime collaborator and executive producer Ryan Murphy later this year in Netflix's Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. His dream girl would be understanding enough that if he "says the wrong thing or do something stupid or fumble or spill shit on my shirt, she's OK with it," Peters described to Cosmopolitan. Look up his dance and you definitely won't be sorry.