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Hostess scarlet looking up cup for Erza

Here you will find the single largest pair of boobs by volume from any fictional series: including animation, comics, and video games from both the East and West. We visually inspect every worthy candidate in each series, including supporting, background, or even one-off characters, before they are immortalized here with their official measurements or estimated ones.

Erza Scarlet Cup Size

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Her cup size is about 1,28 times bigger than a human skull length. On another note: If I was going to make someone larger and thicker than Lucy by two sizes, what would their bra size be in US terms? Upon checking, she noticed that they all wore bras with very small Cups for their busts, she measured them and the result was: two 32D, one 32C and one 32DD.

How to cosplay as erza scarlet

And that ass, oh that ass is just prefect for smothering your face. She also has a defined BHW of. And in terms of cup size, you can fit a whole head inside and still have about 1cm more in space within the bra. As for her ass, that booty is fairy big, nearly twice as large as your head. Wait, where is the KK size? You are commenting using your Google. At a K Cup, her cup size is about 1.

We would be using these scales as a basis for height measurements of the characters. Her boobs would be roughly enough to completely engulf the he of two men at once. Her ass is around the same range as her boobs.

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Notify me of new comments via. I think they use the UK measuring system, which is neither Japan nor the Us. However, the equivalent of her breasts in the US is roughly around the same size as Lucy. Lucy now takes the mantle of Biggest bust of the seriesin thrid place below Irene Belserion and Ultear in terms of Breast Width.

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Like Like. Her Boobs are enough to completely overcome twice the length of a human skull. Notify me of new posts via. The size was already mentioned to be KK. The hip is the largest part of the butt and is located lower than the waist.

Colleen clinkenbeard body size breast, waist, hips, bra, height and weight

Her rack is slightly bigger than the length of a human skull. You are commenting using your Twitter. Each boob of hers is the size of your head.

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Now for the weight of these massive beasts called breasts. Like this: Like Loading So it looks like Lucy is the largest in Fairy Tail after the second time skip?

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She did seem to gain some weight if you look side by side between pre skip and Timeskip So yeah she gained 4 inches at the waist however gained 1 inch more in Cup size and gained 4 inches in bust width and gained over a Inch in Ass mass. Regarding Lucy, I want to clarify that anime greatly exaggerates the female body, in my Japanese size I am still the same band size as in my American size, what changes drastically is that I am 3 Cups bigger.

There also seems to be the size KKK if you go by breast enhancements, which is not on the list either. Anyway, I thought I should point out that you have the letters for BWH spelled in the incorrect order. At 34 H her breast volume would be around 1, cc or 2. I see a K size on the list, but no KK size.

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At 38 K Cans would be within the heavyweight division of busty waifus, Her breast volume woukd be around 2, cc or 2, ml and weigh 4. So yeah she gained 4 inches at the waist however gained 1 inch more in Cup size and gained 4 inches in bust width and gained over a Inch in Ass mass.

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Laki at 36 J has roughly 1, which is around the same volume as Preskip Erza and Kianna and her breasts weigh 3. Now time to measure this thicc waifu. Subtract your band size from your bust measurement and refer to chart. That is why I made this book where I compare Japanese models with their measurements and Cup sizes with various girls and women from anime, Mangas and Videogames who have the same sizes, to show that their bodies are not realistic.

This is how she looked in the interview:. In other words our favorite waifu got even thiccer, though her waist also got bigger than before. The waist is located in the stomach. And her cup size is almost Thicc enough to fight two he in. Going by this chart, fore about every 0. She also has a defined BHW of 91cm; waist, 59cm; and hip, 88cm 36 in, 24 in, 35 in.

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Due to her always adopting such fashion, her hair seems to have adapted to it, with the hair on her forehead remaining pointed upwards even when not tied. In fact her ass is enough to smother two faces easily. Her ass can take up your entire face and have plenty of room Her Boobs would also be large enough for each human head. What bra size would she be?

Who has bigger boobs? lucy or erza? who comes close?

And also thrid place in terms of Cup Size, just below Sawn and Irene. Nevermind, forget about the KK, that was from a Russian. This is how she looked:. She has large blue eyes and a curvy, voluptuous body, with large breasts. Mirajane is a slim young woman of below average height. And to put into comparison, her breast cup would be nearly 1.

Who has bigger boobs? lucy or erza? who comes close?

This is why the measurements are always bust first, waist second, and hips third. Aires at 38 M would just be within the heavyweights of Breasts with a cup volume of 3,cc or 6. Her Boobs while not the biggest is still of solid width. This is the measurements for part 1, Part 2 would cover the measurements of women from other guilds and Part 3 would cover women from dark guild or not affiliated with any guilds. Now for Lucy and her thickness within Dragon Cry and body did she grow quite a lot from the start of the series. That might actually be the size I would be thinking of, but does that mean her breasts have a lot of depth?

Her breasts are within the charts, at 38 I, her breasts would have a volume of 1, cc or 3.

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You are commenting using your Facebook. So yeah Second Times kip Erza has a smaller bust in terms of Width but much bigger cup size. Needles to say Erza is pretty thicc. Her ass is even Thiccerwith each check as big ass your head. Almost twice the width of your head. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Fairy tail female’s measurements part 1

Barbara Palvin was the model that went from being 32B to 32C. Going by this chart, Levy is a too small to have a comparable cup so we would say her breasts weigh less than the lowest chart here. The assets are even thiccer with her cm ass able to completely smother your skull twice over.

Going by this chart, Lisanna is roughly cc and has the breast Weight of roughly 1. And just 2cm smaller than Rangiku whose breast size is roughly cm but also shares the same cup size as her. Now for a full body view of her. Her white Fairy Tail Stamp is located on her left thigh.

And would be trying our best to get the breast volume and breast weight of each female here, using math eqautaitons to get to our desired calc. Juvia Lockser Now for Juvia who is amongst one of the thicker waifus of the series. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Now for Breast Volume and mass. And has the same breast size and weight.