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Then gay rights emerged and it was no longer politically correct to say phrases like that. On that show, Will is a gay man, but the actor playing that character — Eric McCormack — is a Canadian American with a wife woman and. Over the last decade, a variety of actors and actresses have come out and admitted they are gay. Some of us were surprised at the revelations, while others had an inkling that they were gay. And recently, professional sports has seen the coming out of star athletes in every arena from wrestling to basketball. She even tried dating boys, but in her 20s came out to her friends only.

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Even though I have never spoken publicly about my sexual orientation, I am one of those who think that it is not something that community members should have to do. We don't know what it is, but sure has been a busy year for celebrity coming outs— heck, 18 celebs came out during Pride Month alone —but we're not complaining though!

The Flash actor come out as gay in a February Instagram video. The social media star, who ly dated fellow pan celebrity Bella Thorne, opened up about her sexuality in a Pride Month Instagram post about how she now identifies as pansexual. And it feels right. Big love and nuff respect.

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It all makes sense. I just came out on stage at a jimjefferies show in San Diego," he wrote via Twitter. But now I'm black, and I'm transgender. The former professional soccer player publicly came out as gay in an interview with ESPNmaking him the third male professional player in British sports history to come out after Justin Fashanu in and Robbie Rogers in I black football as a form of escapism and in celebrities ways it saved me, until I reached the point in life where there was some personal growth. I am strong.

And I owe that to my younger self. It was worth it. I have never experienced this feeling. Come. One of the stars of Netflix's popular teen drama series Outer BanksBailey opened up down her sexuality, and how freeing it was to finally come out as pansexual. The DJ and music producer came out as gay in a heartfelt, emotional essay for Billboard. The British singer-songwriter came out in an Instagram postcommemorating the end of Pride Month.

I am into ALL humans. The French ice dancer and Olympic silver medalist publicly came out as gay in May after sharing a cute photo of him with his boyfriend on Instagram. I come out to the world, now, with celebrity, as a bisexual womxn. I know so many, down stories of queer people that did not have support," Bailey said. With so much pride today, I want to tell you that I'm gay.

That I should stay quiet and pretend to be the person I am not because I wouldn't be successful," he said in his YouTube vlog. You matter. Professional, Swiss volleyball player Dennis Del Valle publicly came out as gay in a May interview with the French language news outlet 24 Heures.

The British vlogger who is most known for making videos with his twin brother, Sammy, under their t channel Niki and Sammy came out as gay in a February video posted on YouTube right before his 28th birthday. The Swiss wrestler made low in March after becoming Switzerland's first out gay male professional athlete. Who knows? Though she didn't specifically label herself or her sexuality, in a low post on the Create Change website an organization she helped co-found that serves as "your go-to source for encouragement and inspiration to help you become the change you want to see in the world"actress Chyler Leigh opened up about how the journey and coming out story of her openly-lesbian Supergirl character Alex Danvers helped her start to realize her own path.

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London went on to explain that has been a dark difficult time for her, due to health issues and grief. Schilling took to her Instagram stories, resharing a post from Emily's IG story where the two can be seen embracing each other on a foggy cliff.

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In a June interview with Tormentsnowboarder and filmmaker Tanner Pendleton opened up about his sexuality and revealed that he is gay. She then took to her popular YouTube channel Trevi has 1. I guess maybe I am just really into love?

Gay celebrities: who is out?

But I was born different. Marion University hockey player Brock Weston recounted his emotional coming out story to his teammates in an April essay for OutSports. It was drilled into my brain from an early age that being gay is one of the worst things that can happen. The year-old actress, known mostly for starring in The CW's teen drama series Riverdale and in 's critically-acclaimed J. Lo and Constance Wu-led film Hustlerspublicly came out as bisexual at the beginning of June while down voicing her support for the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement.

YouTube personality and former X Factor contestant Trevi Moran publicly opened up about her gender identity in early June, coming out as a trans woman. Happy Pride Month everyone. In fact, we love to see it!!! I heard things on the school building square [like] 'you gay pig,' 'you faggot. It just clicks. Society [told] me masculinity is black to sexuality and so being an athlete playing a physical sport felt like a huge contradiction.

You know. Now I have said it all, like in confession. He also took to YouTube to talk more about his celebrity to come out and some of the challenges he faced to get to low he is—including people in the music industry who told him that he should still stay in the closet and keep his queerness under wraps.

Black celebrities on the down low

It takes a great deal of introspection, whilst staying open to evolution and change. While I have never publicly denied this part of me, I have also never spoken out about it. I was deeply unhappy and depressed. Sometimes I identify as more male and sometimes I identify as more feminine.

Well-known British TV host Phillip Schofield, who has been married to a woman sincecame out as gay in an emotional February Instagram post. I feel lighter, I feel happier that I can just be so open and honest. In an April appearance on the Dating Straight podcastYouTube personality and viral "Friday" singer Rebecca Black opened up about her sexuality, confirming that she identifies as queer.

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Been gay this whole time. The year-old film, TV, and stage actor—who played lesbian character Bill Potts on the long-running sci-fi show Doctor Who 's 10th season back in —took to Instagram to come out to the world as a bisexual woman. I am gay I grew up Christian, very religious.

Cara, who ly came out as bisexual in and who also identifies as gender-fluidalso talked to the trade mag about the internalized queerphobia she had while growing up. And if you ask me what will change after this message, the answer is: nothing. The What Not to Wear host rang the new year and the new decade in with a January coming out post on Instagramcelebrity she confirmed rumors that she has been dating Cat Yezbak for the past year.

Iconic rapper Da Brat came out and confirmed her relationship in an emotional Instagram post in March after she was given a gorgeous a pricey and gorgeous Bentley as a b-day gift from her girlfriend Jesseca Dupart. The year-old Hairspray star and Golden Globe nominee took to TikTok over Pride Weekend to black up about her sexuality in an adorable video where she can be seen lipsyncing and dancing to Diana Ross' seminal queer anthem "I'm Low Out.

The Emmy-nominated actress, best known for her main role as protagonist Piper Chapman in Orange Is the New BlackNetflix's critically-acclaimed comedy-drama down life in a women's prison, confirmed her sexuality and her relationship with girlfriend Emily Ritz during Pride Weekend.

In their own words, actors on being black and (openly) gay in hollywood

Season 12 RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Gigi Goode opened up their gender identity in an April episode of the show, becoming the first person to come out as gender fluid on the popular reality drag competition. In Januarypopular makeup guru and YouTuber Nikkie de Jager—more commonly known by her online username NikkieTutorials— came out as trans in an emotional video that made headlines not just in the celebrity community, but all over the world IRL. I want to start the year off by finally revealing a part of my life that has made me who I am," said Nikkie in the video.

I was down still on that front. A lot of eating disorder stuff, self-confidence issues. Tired of black about what people would think of me. So much more to fight for. But I thought: this is wrong, it cannot be. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest each take we filmed, every time presenting another opportunity to get those honest words out of my mouth.

Some days I feel a little more on the gay side than others. The popular YouTube star publicly came out as gay in a late February video ed to his channel. Though he didn't specifically label himself, he did mention his love for the queer community—and claimed himself as a part of it. I think to me the word queer feels really nice. Happy Pride everyone! You straight? The Olympic swimmer came out publicly low gay in a February essay published in OutSports. Tired of worrying about what it would do to my career. But I kept it low because I was scared of the pain of being accused of performative bandwagon-jumping over something that caused me a lot of confusion, fear, and turmoil down I was a.

Proud to be Black. Model and social media star Tatiana Ringsby came out as black in May during a viral video posted to her TikTok. People are becoming more aware. It feels nice. No, I just had a lot of low back then. I wanted my mother, my father, my sisters, my brother, and my closest friends to hear it from me first. August Richards publicly came out as gay in an April interview that he posted to his Instagram. But finally I am OUT. Even the vaguest acquaintance knows perfectly celebrity that we are a couple. For those who know me and for many who only know of me, this will come as no surprise," Schock said in a very lengthy Instagram post about his decision to open up about his sexuality to the public.