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Jenna Fischer returns to St. Louis this week for the screening of her movie, A Little Helpat the St.

Does Jenna Fischer Smoke

Online: Yesterday


Drag and drop boxes to rearrange! Who is Jenna Fischer? Biography, gossip, facts? How does Jenna Fischer look like?

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Body piercings: None

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He is actually a very funny guy.

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My mother actually got her kitten from Stray Rescue in St. They do a wonderful job. If the man is a gentlemen, he is more uncomfortable than I am going into the scene. His name is Jim Florentine.

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She was extremely nice, and very sweet. Goonies never say die.

Female celebrity smoking list - fischer

So for two hours, I had to drink beer while filming, and I got drunk. Can you tell us about the organization that you are involved with? Kitten Rescue.

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The scene could have been more graphic than what it was, but in the end it was important to the story of my character. How did you prepare for such an intense role? I fostered them until they were old enough to be adopted.

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I thank her much for her time. The character that I play is so unlike me.

Jenna fischer talks to melissa from wamg

You may also like Comment Name Website. I had two that I named Mifflen and Dunder, but now they have homes. Stunned by this abrupt turn, Laura becomes entangled in a web of bizarre lies that further complicates her life. At the same time it was fun playing such a misfit.

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One Night Only! Your character is very relatable and real.

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How do you prepare, or go into a scene where someone is talking dirty on top of you? I am not a beer drinker either.

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Melissa Howland Nerdy, snarky horror lover with a campy undertone. Your character goes on a date in the film and they end up sleeping together.

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I think a big thing for me is whether or not the male actor is uncomfortable going into the scene. I thought we could wrap up with your rescue work. Tags Review Comedy paramount pictures Warner Bros. I was actually very impressed to find out that you have done some work with animal rescue and have even fostered.

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Hi all… Melissa, your beloved geek here. So, naturally I have to share it with my fellow geeks!!! I just got a picture of them now that they are a year old.

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