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Swim club Denver who gay filipina

Its people! Come on and be smart.

Denver Swim Club Gay

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Completely rebuilt in summer Offers bio and dry sauna, a large steam sauna, foam bath and whirlpool. Large and comfortable cubicles. Friendly staff Great location on three floors, technical-style interior and state-of-the-art wellness facilities. Daily specials, reasonably priced food and beverages

How old am I: 18
My gender: Female
I like to drink: Vodka
My tattoo: None

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Happy Hunting! Their website says their place is open to all guys. I prefer Midtown Spa. I have always wanted to check this place out but like a of others, I heard the DSC is picky who they allow in no bears.

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Will be visiting on Friday from about 3pm -???. You would probably have a great time. Would love to have someone to go to the baths with if any one is interested in going with a tourist guest? I plan on hitting it up soon if so.

I used to go to DSC every now and then and have had some truly hot times there, but it has now been a couple of years. Photo Gallery Videos. I am looking for Top Mature Daddy types that like a kinky sub for fun. No drugs or alcohol.

Denver swim club

Yet I hear from others that the "we only allow hot babes in" is totally BS. Which is it? Let me know. Discount coupon on website. I have never been here before, usually go to the Midtowne - I've heard that it's not easy to get in I will go during a weekday - has anyone had any problems getting in unless you are some young hot babe?

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What are the best times during the week? East Colfax has been cleaned up for some time. Cumming in Tuesday night after PM looking for hot bottom guys. I will be in Denver on Thurs. The staff and men at DSC are friendly, attitude-free, and discreet.

I met the most beautiful guy last Saturday in the vdeo lounge. Whats it like on a saturday afernoon? Is this place in a safe area in Denver? They make it easy to play safe. Up. Follow Us:. Denver Swim Club.

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I am usually a top, but would like to bottom for a hot masculine endowed guy! This pllace is great!!!

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What else is new. Gay Travel Guide. Shouldn't be any problems even late. Freelube, towel. Curiousfrat, contact me I will go with you. I'll be there this afternoon from about to 5pm. Nude sun-bathing the greatest. The Denver Swim Club has to be one of the hottest places around. He had the most perfect bod I have ever seen on a man. But then again NO place is goning to admit they discrimate on their site even if they do. To the curiousfrat guy: don't be bashful.

The best thing is the membership good selection of men. I want to check this place out but nervous to go alone for the first time I am going to be in Denver June 16 to June I want to try this place out. Cruisiest Spots: The steam room goes from light to darkness, anything can happen.

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Looking to go there week of Nov. If you had two nights and liked your guys a little buffer would you go here on Friday or Saturnday night this laborday weekend, then Midtown the other? I always get laid here by lots of men. I am looking for my first spit roast or sling. Looking to find some hot guys to jack off with. DSC never dissappoints.

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Update: Outside pool. Visiting Denver Tuesday, May Swinging through Fri early to late afternoon, would love to hook up for some fun. Days: locker special brings sunbathers.

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I'm in town next week Anyone heading to DSC on Saturday. Will be in Denver the 24th around luch time. I suggested we go to my room. Great place to satisfy any needs. Facilities: Indoor pool, outdoor pool, sunbathing, Universal equipment, steam room, hot tub, private video rooms Yes. Whenever visit Denver, always make time to spend an evening a the DSC. Usually get a room and have always had good luck spend time playing. I am goig to be in town tomorrow night and plan to make my first visit.

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Will be in Denver every Wednesday evening this month. You guys are the best.

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Visiting for laborday weekend and trying to figure out what what one night I go out and where to go that would be best me for me. Is it worth stopping for a nooner? I need to work up the courage to go sometime. There is something for everyone here. Gjboy going on Monday let's meet up.

I think that was a ripoff. He was in the Air Force. I went into a trance as he climbed on top of me and nailed me to the bed - wow I am looking for Top Mautre Daddy types that like a kinky sub for fun. I sometimes wonder how the place has changed, etc. Always very clean. E-mail me if your interested in partnering up with me and having some fun.