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In Dark Souls 3, players can earn one of four possible endings. This guide will explain how to achieve each ending so that you can get the best ending for your playthrough. Each ending involves a series of specific steps.

Dark Souls 3 Eyes Of The Fire Keeper

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VIP to remove all and videos. She tends to the bonfire and assists the player character on their long and arduous journey through Lothric. Interacting with her allows the player to spend souls to level up, and later, heal the Dark Sigil using the Fire Keeper Soul. First encounter dialogue.

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Posted by UnleashedHorror on 23 Jun 16 at I can speed run and not worry about any NPC's if I've gotten everything else in my first run, except the rings?

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Yes, you can get the proper bow gesture on the Usurpation of Fire run as I just did it. Does it matter what I answer?

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Game 53 want to boost. I just did this, so I know this works, but you have to be quick with the "dashboarding" after each achievement pops.

Dark souls 3 fire keeper soul guide

Dark Souls III walkthrough. Load game back up again and warp back to Firelink Shrine and give Soul of a Firekeeper to Firekeeper and pay Firekeeper in souls to heal your dark sigils then warp back to First Flame, interact with First Flame to get the "To Link the First Flame" ending achievement, which is the 3rd ending achievement on one playthrough. Add a guide to share them with the community. After I gave the eyes to her, she made a question.

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in and add a guide. View all comments.

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Do you have a question about this achievement? Posted by CorleoneGang on 25 Mar at Leave a comment. You also have to have enough souls to heal your dark sigils for the 3rd ending or this won't work.

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Posted by Jepro on 17 Mar 17 at Posted by vSully on 17 Mar 17 at Posted by incubus on 01 Apr 17 at Posted by masterofhalo4 on 22 Jun 20 at It's possible to get all 3 endings on one playthrough if you can get a friend to drop all the rings for the "Master of Rings" achievement and then do the cloud trick at the end of the game to get all 3 ending achievements. Posted by vSully on 30 Apr 16 at For those that are trying to get all three endings in one run, you need to go through the game a couple of times anyway to obtain all the gestures and rings for sure or clean up on any miracles, pyromancies and sorceries you missed.

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I reloaded the game and then interacted with the First Flame to get the Usurpation of Fire ending. Have you got any tips or tricks to unlock this achievement? This will obviously save your game before you make your final decision. Sirris questline has nothing to do with the Usurpation of Fire ending.