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Man dating guy Crying loves mexican

When Juan Gabriel died into say that we were devastated is an understatement. The Latino community, all of Mexico and Latin America, and fans from all over the world were in complete ruins when news broke that our beloved JuanGa had died. It felt unreal then and it feels unreal now, which is probably why people are still trying to revive him.

Crying Mexican Man

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Support Local Journalism. Riverfront Times Press Club. October 02, News » Ask a Mexican. Dear Mexican: One of the things I have found enjoyable and profound is the use of language by Chicanos, mexicanos, and Mexican-Americans. Humor and a sardonic sense of history, in my view, are encapsulated in many everyday expressions.

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Apparently, according to some versions of netizens, he is her boyfriend, since he hugs her while she stays to listen to the serenade.

Review: a man. a boy. and a chicken. ‘cry macho’ lays an egg

But the teasing did not stop when he saw the young man cry who serenades a woman who is out with her boyfriend at home. Image taken from Twitter SanCadilla.

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Related Post. On this you can see the video of the young man who began to cry when he serenaded him to his conquest, because he saw her supposed boyfriend leave the house. In Mexico, a serenade is a show of love by a man for a woman, in which he visits the house of his girlfriend in the company of mariachis.

Girls, group chat, and lol - mexican guy crying meme

A video in which a young serenades a woman goes viral, when a man comes out of her house and the other begins to cry, according to information from the news portal of The Herald of Mexico. This means that they no longer carry mariachi and instead carry a sound with the songs that they consider will make the woman fall in love with them.

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Even some users they doubt that this material is true, since they say that it seems acted, true or not, it is that it has been positioned as one of the most viewed by people. Video of a young man who serenades and starts crying goes viral on social networks The man in love is surprised to see another man leave his conquest house, apparently his boyfriend This causes pain and tears, so many of its Internet users are moved by the event A video in which a young serenades a woman goes viral, when a man comes out of her house and the other begins to cry, according to information from the news portal of The Herald of Mexico.

After seeing the video of the young man who serenades his conquest, but starts to cry when he sees her supposed boyfriend, people began to doubt.

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One of the friends of the young man who does not stop crying tries to encourage him so that he does not feel bad, however the damage was already done. Although so far it is unknown where in Mexico the event occurred, people have begun to react by the heartbreaking image. In the video you can see how the young man sings very intensely, while a woman leaves the house and asks him to stop, to cut off the song.

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Post. The lover brings some friends, and although it is not a traditional serenade, it manages to captivate many people by the intention. Next Post. On the next we will leave you the comments of the people before this video.

Young hispanic man holding mexican hat depressed and worry for distress, crying angry and afraid. sad expression.

Tags: MexicoSocial Media. To see the video. To see the video you can. Some even said that it was acted and that those in charge of those videos are Navarretes Show, however, it has not been possible to verify.

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