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Corpus Christi is one of the famous cities of Mexico. Although the city still has much to do with the acceptance of homosexuality, Corpus Christi offers many exciting places and gay clubs in Corpus Christi TX for gay tourists who wish to visit this charming city. If you want to find the most creative gay-friendly parties in Corpus Christi, go in the gay nightclub of Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi Gay Bars

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I'm planning to go to Port A next week.

Age: 26
Ethnic: Nicaraguan
Orientation: Man
What is my body type: My body type is quite slender
I prefer to drink: Whisky
Body piercings: None

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Roberts saw the importance, from the beginning, of supporting the LGBT community.

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He had been working in medical equipment sales. So he moved to San Diego.

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But part-time developed into full-time, and he found himself behind the bar for 31 years. Roberts diedwhen he was still in his 50s.

Gay corpus christi

The bar already had been around at least a decade when Roberts bought it. But he laughed off the offer, Meissner said, adding that the would-be buyer forgot to figure in the value of the business. And that first big donation was just the beginning. After he came out at the age of 29, Meissner decided to make a fresh start. For three years in a row, it was the No. And as parking has gotten worse in other parts of Oak Lawn, the Hidden Door has always offered its customers plenty of space to park.

That money must be distributed within the next calendar year. The Hidden Door was so successful from the time it opened that within a couple of years, Roberts opened a second location in Corpus Christi, which is also still going strong although under the ownership of two customers who purchased the bar about 12 years ago. He said the company only hired med techs, but his major in college was marketing. Before he knew it, Meissner was managing the bar.

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Bobrow refused to open without his liquor and closed the bar for a day until the renewal was in place. So, after four years, he reed and moved back to Dallas. InBobrow developed throat cancer.

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Roberts kept the name and turned it into a gay bar. Buying new property in Oak Lawn, including space for parking, and building something suitable to house the Hidden Door would have cost much more than was offered, he said.

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He met someone at Balboa Park who managed a bar, and he offered Meissner a job. Then he was managing two bars.

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InMeissner began working in the office. The property where the bar is located — at Bowser, just a block off Lemmon Avenue — is so valuable, Bobrow was once offered what Meissner called a very generous amount to sell.

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With thanks to the Dallas Voice for sharing our stories. When Meissner came into the bar, Tracy introduced him to Roberts, who offered him a job.

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By the time Roberts bought the bar, more people knew the Hollywood leading man was gay. At the end of the year, after all bills are paid and bonuses are figured for the staff, the balance of the profits go to the trust. Dan Cutrer is the attorney who incorporated the Hidden Door 40 years ago for Roberts. Before Bobrow died in Februaryhe had arranged for a different trust to manage the bar after his death.

Bobrow died at age 78 in February The bar continues hitting new records. Meissner estimates that 25 cents out of every dollar spent at the Hidden Door goes directly back into the community, and the trust is set up so that donations to the community will continue. Before his death, though, he created a trust that owned the bar and named Tony Bobrow the new president of the trust.

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And the bar has always done well. And despite an extremely cold November this year, the bar set a sales record for that month, too.