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Castle Gravenstein 2

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All you do now is fuck random people that just show up for whatever reasons, there's absolutely nothing in the new games that would explain a visual novel approach. Nothing more, but surely nothing less. You'd think no gameplay would mean an emphasis on story, and yet Castle Gravenstein went from a great premise to absolutely nowhere.

Torture at the castle of the counts

But the students are highly talented, so they find out more and more about what might going on. Great visual novel, really.

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One essential part of the story deals with the misterious physical and psychologial experiments they are doing on the students without the students knowing. That may not appeal to everybody but he's been clear about it, so people should know what to expect from his games.

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Return to Other sexy games. The "story" in the game is : a bunch of students go in a weird school episode 1 and now they all fuck episode That's it.

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But there are some riddles which will be solved in the next final part s. Scene 3 when he is going at it with the maid with the cat, after the love heart pulsates, he climaxes, then they are just stuck humping each other, can't proceed, stays on the scene with them humping, unless i am missing something that i should be looking for. Post a reply.

Because unlike some here I don't mind the novel approach with no gameplay, as long as it's interesting.

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Open a thread in this section is reserved for active members, read the rules before submit a game. Re: Pusooy's Castle Gravenstein 4 by redle » Fri, 15May01 ut1stgear1 wrote: kessie8yl wrote: ut1stgear1 wrote: Surprised at some of the comments here. It just seem like a waste of a perfect build up. If any Elite members want to share some impressions I'd be grateful. The first episode was extremly good, one of the best I've played. Puso has stated more than gravenstein that his skill, focus and enjoyment lies not in game play but in presently a graphic story Re: Pusooy's Castle Gravenstein 4 by artorawley » Tue, 15May05 If the default forum is any indication, it doesn't really matter whether or not a new game is about to be released, he seems ot get a steady stream of subscribers year round.

Part 1 had me excited for a very interesting story For me it has fallen apart into for castle.

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Its up to everyone to enjoy his work or not. So I'll take a membership when part 5 comes out, hoping that it'll be longer and involve more of the story and less generic pointless sex scenes. I'll cross my fingers.

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The target of the experiments is to get and keep the students in high sexual mood, so it HAS to come to very much sex-scenes and fucking. It was simple, but there was so much promise with the characters dynamic, the way all 8 of them were going back and forth with the desire, the jealousy But by the time you reach part 3 and 4 it's almost all gone, it's more of a fuck fest with little to no dialogue, and what's worse is that most of the sex scenes don't include any of the 4 original girls.

There is sex in it of course but the story seems to have fallen apart and whatever is supposed to be building just isn't.

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He put up a notice that he's going on vacation for a month, though, so I'm curious how much his business will suffer because of that. Re: Pusooy's Castle Gravenstein 4 by Tchekov » Fri, 15Oct02 I'm all for the visual novel approach, but then why is the story so awful lately?

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Based on what I said above I'm unsure wether I should just for this one I really want to see what happens next but if it's still super short or if it's more generic sex scenes devoided of any emotion then I might just wait for the full series to finish. And part 4 is ridiculously short That being said I still think pusooy's games are great overall, like I said I enjoyed part 1 immensely.

For gameplay: like written, Puso creates Visual Novels with some mouseclicking for the readers. It is pretty buggy.


Re: Pusooy's Castle Gravenstein 4 by kessie8dn » Mon, 15Oct05 spitzertyp wrote: A lot of people don't like the way Puso had decided to chose. That's what he's making and publishing. Tchekov wrote: I'm all for the visual novel approach, but then why is the story so awful lately?

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Talking bout Gravenstein i disagree a bit with the critics on the story. Tchekov wrote The "story" in the game is But also a lot of people do like it. Re: Pusooy's Castle Gravenstein 4 by Greyelf » Thu, 15Oct01 Mortze wrote: But Pusooy already assumed publicly that his direction is towards visual novels rather than games with puzzles and multiple choices.