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The music video to Aguilera's version shows her and Elliott as animated fish similar to those in the film, combined with scenes of Aguilera and Elliott recording the song in a recording stud Read all The music video to Aguilera's version shows her and Elliott as animated fish similar to those in the film, combined with scenes of Aguilera and Elliott recording the song in a recording studio. The video also includes scenes of Shark Tale.

Car Wash Cartoon Movie

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Written and arranged by ex- Motown producer Norman Whitfield[1] the song was the group's debut single and one of the most notable successes of the s disco era.

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Trailer Shark Tale. No, this is as far away from "sorry" as you can possibly get!

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Emily Lyon Segan Shortie 3 as Shortie 3 voice. It has no surprises, and so the movie resorts to banter and set pieces to amuse. When a son of a gangster shark boss is accidentally killed while on the hunt, his would-be prey and his vegetarian brother decide to use the incident to their own advantage.

Never has or will a fish ever look more like Wil Smithor acted like him. Lenny : Oh, I'm sorry Oscar : No, "sorry" is when you step on somebody's fin at the theatre! Angelina Jolie Lola as Lola voice. Opening with a detailed dive into the city of the fish Shark Tale presents a world of sight gags and moderate puns.

Martin Scorsese Sykes as Sykes voice. Bobb'e J. Thompson Shortie 1 as Shortie 1 voice. Yes, there are fish in the shot and yes everything intellectually should be under the sea, but where Nemo oozed and flowed in a very fluid vista Shark Tale shows colour and spectacle, but without that organic ocean feeling. The story itself revolves around Oscar's passage from an unhappy, dreaming, nobody to a famous, unhappy, somebody to a happy nobody.

Car wash cartoon movie

Mildly amusing, but no bite. Kamali Minter Shortie 2 as Shortie 2 voice. Oscar soon comes to realize that his claim may have serious consequences.

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Will Smith Oscar as Oscar voice. Quotes [Lenny accidentally eats Oscar] Oscar : Don't Lenny : Oscar? With that aside, the cartoon images in Shark Tale are well presented, with the anthropomorphic fish taking on the facial characteristics of their voice actors.

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It is unfortunate that Shark Tale comes out the lesser of the two movies, but truly comparing the two is generally a fruitless exercise. Goofs Lenny tells Frankie that he's cold because he's cold blooded. Lenny : Oscar, I think I'm gonna puke Oscar : Oh, no no no no Lenny, just open up, nice and slow!

A New School's Gonna Rule. David P. Smith Crazy Joe as Crazy Joe voice. As such, the story itself is both predictable and can be safely ignored. The sea underworld is shaken up when the son of shark mob boss Don Lino Robert De Niro is found dead, and a young fish named Oscar Will Smith is found at the scene. At this point I would make one valid comparison with Nemo - the graphics.

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The change is clear in the movie, as in the song before the credits, the singers interlock between calling the movie "Sharkslayer" and "Shark Tale". Trivia The original title for the movie was "Sharkslayer", but it was changed to "Shark Tale" about a year before release, because Jeffrey Katzenberg thought the title might scare families away the title still appears in some early promotional material.

It's a generic, oft-repeated tale, albeit set in a world full of mafioso sharks, vengeful shrimp, and whales with poor personal hygiene.

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From the star fish walk of fame through the dolphin police, through to the shots of "the top of the reef", the sequence is a bustling hive of activity. Storyline Edit. Renee Zellwegger is instantly recognisable in her fish counterpart Angie, as is the vampy Angela Jolie Lola.

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Shark Tale fails to really seem as if anything is happening underwater. Why did you do that? It is hilarious and somehow moving at the same time. Top review.

Jack Black Lenny as Lenny voice. Ziggy Marley Ernie as Ernie voice.

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Oscar : Don't Oscar : No, it's Pinocchio - of course it's me! Missy Elliott: Car Wash User reviews Review. David Soren Shrimp as Shrimp voice …. Lenny Venito Giuseppe as Giuseppe voice …. Of the set pieces the shark funeral is by far the best part of the movie.

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Michael J. Wilson screenplay Rob Letterman screenplay Scott Aukerman additional dialogue. Vincent Pastore Luca as Luca voice. Alternate versions For each international release, the role of the news reporter "Katie Current" was recast to a prominent female news anchor of that country: In the Australian version it is Tracy Grimshaw, former co-anchor of the Australian Today show; in the UK version it is 'Fiona Phillips', presenter of GMTV ; and in the Italian version it is Cristina Parodi, anchor-woman of Verissimo Connections Featured in Christina Aguilera Feat.

This is not to say Shark Tale's graphic work is bad, simply that it does not feel waterborne.

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You can feel each step of the way long before it hits the screen. In. Play trailer Animation Adventure Comedy.

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In fact, great white sharks are one of four types of shark that are warm blooded. Did you know Edit.

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Doug E. Doug Bernie as Bernie voice. It doesn't often succeed with these. Rated PG for some mild language and crude humor.

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Animation Adventure Comedy Family Fantasy. Featurette Photos Top cast Edit. Being a bottom feeder, Oscar takes advantage of the situation and makes himself look like he killed the finned mobster. Michael Imperioli Frankie as Frankie voice.

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Crazy credits The DreamWorks logo has the fishing boy casts his fishing line into the ocean with the worm on the hook encountering Lenny. Yeah, that's "sorry"! Shark Tale is doubtlessly going to be endlessly compared to Pixar's "Finding Nemo".

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