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Q: Last night my 4-year-old son kept asking another boy of 6 years to go with him into the guest bedroom to play with various toys. I insisted that the door remain open, but he wanted it to be closed, which I did not allow. When I walked away briefly and returned, I found that my son was showing his private parts to the other boy.

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He has exposed himself to his stepmother and mother multiple times. He tries to make this seem accidental. He is smart, but something of an underachiever in school. He is normal in that he is popular enough in school. I think he masturbates often. I have found stimulating photos, not necessarily pornographic though, in his room.

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Initially we thought it was normal curiosity; then we suspected she might be a victim. More in Things To Do. The authorities investigated, and it turned out that her male teenage cousin had been abusing her.

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Read on:. And if his behavior continues, it would be best to seek professional intervention.

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Write Dear Abby at www. While this behavior is not unusual in young children and can be a normal part of sexual curiosity, the compulsive continuation and frequency of his behavior raises red flags.

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A 4-year-old girl was observed putting her hands down the pants of boys her age. The repeated exposure of his private parts to others is the first. Often it is through behavioral or emotional s that we discover the abuse.

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This kind of repeated behavior is a big indication that Billy is being sexually abused himself. The call can be anonymous.

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There are several issues happening with this boy that bother me. BoxLos Angeles, CA By The Mercury pottsmerc pottsmerc.

That boy should be taken to see a doctor for a full evaluation, and a call to social services is in order. Young children who are sexually abused may not have the developmental or verbal capabilities to disclose what is happening.

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It is better to be safe than sorry in this case. Children who have been victims of sexual abuse can exhibit overtly sexualized behavior that goes beyond typical curiosity or age-appropriate sexual development.

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