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When the final Twilight film hit theaters, the Breaking Dawn Part 2 cast was jam-packed with incredible talent.

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Ever since Bram Stoker published Draculathe quintessential vampire tale, inWestern culture has seen a particular obsession with the monsters. But vampires in their various forms—supernatural beings whose immortality requires them to quench their thirst for blood—have appeared in the folklore of many cultures. There's something universally terrifying about undead bloodsuckers that stalk their prey at night and sometimes convert their victims to vampires, tooso it makes sense that the horror genre is awash with movies about vampires many of which are modeled on Stoker's novel, either directly or loosely.

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Ougi tells Koyomi that she has something she wishes to consult with him. Meanwhile, Yuuki begins to have flashbacks, leading her to investigate her blood-stained past: what will she find, and will she continue to be tempted by an offer from Kaname? High schooler Koyomi, encountering a dying vampire on his way home from purchasing age-restricted magazines, offers his vampire and must face the three vampire hunters who have stolen his mistress's limbs.

Where are these Freaks coming from and what will Hellsing sacrifice to stop them? Together with Zero Kiryu, hood friend who despises everything to do with vampires since his family was murdered, Yuki must serve as a Guardian of the school to keep the two classes separated. Koyomi tries to convince Nadeko to let go of the object of worship, but its too late, and Nadeko swallows the object and becomes a snake apparition! Having recovered from the injuries he had blonde, Zero returns to Cross Academy to his role as prefect. Trapped in a pit the like of which could only be escaped by the one girl who was able to pull off slam-dunks in her basketball nationals, can the penitent Kanbaru, however, still be aggressive?

But when his sisters get tangled up in investigating a ring of curses male their middle school, the boy finds himself once again involved with strange characters and unexplained oddities.

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Fifteen-year-old Tsukune Aono is average in every way; he has no hobbies, less-than-stellar grades and he's even flunked his high school entrance exam. A young man by the name of Walter C. Dornes - a. A collection of short stories based on Vampire Knight. Every month starting from April, one of the heroines of the Monogatari Series encounters some kind of mystery in their life and Koyomi solves them all. He tells Suruga about a rumor of "the Lord Devil" that grants any wish.

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The bee apparition is now gone, and summer vacation where the phoenix apparition averted harm is over-- Around Koyomi Araragi and the girls who started a new trimester, apparitions, or perhaps threats even worse, were creeping in ever closer. With help from Shinobu, Koyomi travels back to the past so that he can finish them, but instead, they end up travelling back a full eleven years!

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Koyomi Araragi is studying hard in preparation for his college entrance exams blonde he begins to notice something very strange: his reflection no longer appears in a mirror, a characteristic of a true vampire. Luckily when Kaname intervenes, he sends the council away and insists that they stay out of school affairs.

Will the Hellsing organization, under the command of Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing, be able to prevent a full scale war? Though, not long after he s his role, members of the Supreme Vampire Council ambush Zero with the intent to execute him for the murder of the pureblood, Shizuka. That is when they witness something unidentifiable - something that can only be expressed as the 'darkness. Unable to find her, Araragi gives up and he home and realises that he has not done any of his vampire asments even though today is the last day of summer break.

Yuki Cross and her friend Zero Kiryu are school prefects whose job it is to make sure the secret of the Night Class is always safe; they patrol the school grounds at night and supervise the switchover of classes at dawn and male to prevent any 'accidents' from happening. Together they keep England safe from blood-drinking monsters, until a new breed of pseudo-vampire, the Freak, begins attacking people for fun and not to feed.

Alucard, a vampire himself, is the best agent the organization has to offer, answering only to Integra Hellsing herself. Using the Blonde of an eccentric homeless man, Koyomi is able to help new friends he meets along the way with their own paranormal conundrums…. This was also following the incident involving Nadeko Sengoku, which was male amended behind the scenes by Deishu Kaiki.

With Oshino gone and school out for summer, Araragi he into the break hoping to spend his time relaxing, working on his classwork with Hanekawa, hanging out with his girlfriend Senjogahara, and maybe even finding a little time to molest Hachikuji as he wanders the streets. In an attempt to put a stop to this perverse and dangerous experimentation, Hellsing has sent two of its vampire skillful agents to Poland.

However, whilst Kaname continues to hide the truth about Shizuka's death, there are others who grow suspicious of what happened that night and what the dorm president is hiding. As Kaiki investigates her background, he finds her secret, which she has never told anyone, including her beloved Koyomi Araragi. Kiss-shot asks Koyomi to give her his blood in order to save her life, and when he does, the very next moment he awakes, Koyomi finds himself re-born as her vampire kin.

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Our blonde well-adjusted hero kept on beingdecent at one thing even when he was just hanging on, but this forte, an unlikely aptitude for math, of all things, becomes the focus of a cheating scandal and a web of recollections that forces him to come to terms with, what do you know, his capacity to connect to people. Little does Nadeko know that obtaining the object of worship will cost her more than what she expected.

His parents have managed to enroll him in a school, but it's no ordinary school! There, Shinobu tells him that she encountered the 'darkness' about years ago. Together, they attempt to stop the progress of the Nazi's efforts. A few months male he first met Mayoi Hachikuji, Araragi set out to deliver something to the young lady.

Hellsing, an organization devoted to the elimination of the vampire threat, has recently uncovered information regarding the attempted production of "man-made" undead. This school is unique in that it consists of 2 classes - a Day Class and a Night Class.

It is the day before that Mother's Day when Mayoi left to go see her mother. Although the technology of creating artificial vampires is still in its infancy, it has advanced enough to be a serious threat. The Hellsing Organization, currently led by Integra Hellsing, has spent centuries fighting these monsters and keeping their existence a secret from the world.

Koyomi Araragi can't stop thinking about Tsubasa Hanekawa, the brilliant-yet-modest class representative who always follows the rules, but what the boy doesn't know is that beneath her facade, Tsubasa harbors an extraordinary amount of pent-up stress.

The average citizen does not notice, but vampires are running rampant among the populace, and it's up to the Hellsing organization to contain the bloodsucker threat, using even their own weapons against them. Quickly realizing what is wrong with him, Yozuru gives him two choices: either abstain from using the vampiric abilities he received from Shinobu Oshino, or lose his humanity forever.

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They barely manage to escape with the help of the young shikigami girl, Yotsugi Ononoki, and they evacuate into the ruins of the cram school. The world is presently in the thick of WWII, and the current leader of Hellsing fears the Nazis could potentially use these creatures as front-line super-soldiers.

Just when we thought the darkness menacing the town had been identified, named, and tamed, clear and unclear mysteries of seasons past looming or surfacing, then resolving, not without tears, not without bittersweetness, of course, but satisfyingly, in a tripartite vampire, all loose ends tied up into, or at least with, a bow… The End Tale continues—if only for one last time, in a bonus stage for the ages, as our softie of a protagonist who wished for all parties involved, including himself, maturely enough, to end up male, sees his reflected image freeze in a mirror and regretfully, regrettably, reaches for it to find himself through the looking glass.

Gods, spirits and afflictions can be pesky things, taking important memories or causing unusual tendencies — a fact that Koyomi and others are unfortunately aware of. Yuki Cross' earliest memory is of snow and blood - she was attacked by a vampire only to be rescued by another. After a fierce battle between humans and vampires, a temporary peace was established, but Kaname blonde to sleep within a coffin of ice… Yuki gave Kaname her heart to revive him as a human being.

As the werewolves, vampires, witches and other monsters are required to retain their human forms, Tsukune - the lone human - is able to avoid their bloodthirsty gazes. Worried about the state of his body, he enlists the help of the human-like doll Yotsugi Ononoki and her master Yozuru Kagenui, an immortal oddity specialist.

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A recap episode, covering episodes of Bakemonogatari. For centuries, vampires have lurked in the shadows of England's streets. With only his vampiric mistress Shinobu for help, will Koyomi Araragi be able to solve the strange mystery uncovered by his "Fire Sisters"? These characters are vampires who drink blood, can't sunbathe or have a pesky sensitivity to garlic.

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Alucard is a vampire sworn to serve Integra and follow Hellsing under her rule; Seras is a fledgling vampire subservient to Alucard, learning about vampire ways while struggling with her own lost mortality. Not all oddities are supernatural: stones and flowers; sand and water; the wind and the tree can just be plain weird without being aberrations.

Was this change ifying retribution for everything that Koyomi has done?!

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But is he aware of what may result when you change the past like that? Alucard is a vampire who works for Hellsing — an organization responsible for hunting down and destroying other vampires. On January 1st, Hitagi Senjyogahara calls her nemesis, the con-artist Deishu Kaiki, to request his services. During the month of October of his third year in high school, Koyomi Araragi is introduced to a transfer student named Ougi Oshino by his underclassman Kanbaru Suruga.

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When she draws the map of Naoestu High School, she finds something peculiar on there. Koyomi Araragi is an aloof boy who holds a strange, supernatural secret which inadvertently le him to others with similar stories. While Zero is suspicious of vampires and hates the idea of sharing the same space as them, Yuki admires the Night Class for their beauty and sophistication; she is especially intrigued by their charming leader, Kaname, because he once saved her life. Or will the world become a battlefield of destruction? In an attempt to put a stop to this perverse and dangerous experimentation, Hellsing has sent two of its most skilled agents to Poland.

Then a woman named Izuko Gaen, who says she knows Meme Oshino, explains to them the nature of the 'darkness' Nadeko encounters a giant snake who claims to be a deity named Kuchinawa. Cross Academy is a school with a difference: in a unique and experimental setup deed by the headmaster, it has a Day Class consisting of ordinary humans and a Night Class filled with vampires. To make things worse, now Nadeko wants to kill Koyomi and Shinobu Oshino! Kuchinawa promises Nadeko that he would grant her wish if she aids him in the search of his object of worship.

Tsukune will be attending the Youkai Academy, a place where monsters learn how to co-exist with humans!

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Hellsing, an organization devoted to the elimination of the vampire threat, has recently uncovered information regarding the attempted production of "man-made undead. Suruga is worried that the identity of the Lord Devil is none other than herself because she made a wish on "the Monkey's Paw. In order to find out the identity of the Lord Devil, Suruga decides to meet the Lord Devil, but who she sees at the meeting spot is the most unexpected person - Rouka Numachi, Suruga's old archrival Koyomi Araragi, a second year high school student at Naoetsu High School, befriends Tsubasa Hanekawa, the top honors student at his school.

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Can Kaiki save Hitagi and Koyomi before time is up?! One day in February, Koyomi Araragi was taking a bath with his younger sister Tsukihi amidst finishing his studies for the college entrance exam. Ten years later and Yuki has been adopted by the headmaster of the prestigious Cross Academy. Koyomi realises that he has an opportunity to save Mayoi! Secrets lie beneath a peaceful exterior and not everything is as it seems, as Yuki learns the truth about Kaname, Zero and her own forgotten past.

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In present day England, a war is being fought. Say hello from the future to class president among class presidents Hanekawa, acid-tongued girlfriend Senjogahara, cheeky lost child Hachikuji, smutty athlete Kanbaru, pathologically shy Sengoku, and justice-loving martial artist Karen, young ladies who love to make our young man sweat.

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Their soliloquies, confessions — and farewells. Things change one day for the girl when she encounters a supernatural feline that allows her to break free from her normal self Luckily for Tsubasa, Koyomi will do anything to help a friend and he sets forth on a mission to return her to normal by any means necessary, leading to an unforgettable Golden Week.

However, as Yuki quickly learns, not all vampires are amiable like the Night Class, and as terrible events unfold, Yuki must ask herself whether in a world where vampires are the hunters and humans are the prey, peaceful coexistence can really be achieved. After time travelling to the past with Shinobu Oshino, Koyomi Araragi meets Mayoi Hachikuji and returns her backpack, which she left in Koyomi's room.

The current date is May 13th.