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I liked story for Banned that like quotes

These titles are books on the Radcliffe Publishing Course Top Novels of the 20th Century that have been banned or challenged.

Banned Story 4

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The story of fossil fuels, part 4: next

They saw that CO 2 was rising. Inscientists began to take measurements of CO 2 in the atmosphere.

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The smoke from coal was too much. Many of them worried about all the CO 2 from burning fuel.

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Global temperatures are rising, too. Air quality was one of the first environmental issues addressed in the USA and Britain.

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It may have been the first environmental law ever. Almost all climate scientists agree that a big cause of that is the burning of fossil fuels. Scientists could prove that most of that rise was from humans.

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Many metal smiths, brewers, and other craftsmen used coal, even though it was against the law. Humans were burning so many fossils fuels. It is a challenge that we will have to deal with in the coming years.

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The king banned coal. It was poisoning the city. King Edward I of England tried to ban coal in The air was dark and polluted. They passed laws to limit pollution, but not until We have known that gases in the air can trap heat since John Tyndall showed that CO 2 warmed the Earth in Many people have tested it since then.

Regarding bannedstory

There was now lots of pollution. People changed their minds. Things got worse after the steam engine was invented.

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Coal was more popular than wood at the time. It caused acid rain, sickness, and even death.

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The warming could lead to rising sea levels, droughts, flooding, and more severe weather. The Industrial Revolution was happening.

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It could be a problem.