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8th Graders Having Sex

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Early sexual initiation is associated with elevated teenage pregnancy and STD risk, yet little is known about the prevalence and correlates of sexual behavior among young adolescents.

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If they don't ask an adult they are going to learn by trail and error. This is not taking into oral sex. Start educating them about their bodies. By the time many kids start high school, it's too late to be discussing sex.

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Yes they are getting the information, but they really prefer talking to their parents. Make sure your replies stay on topic. San Francisco Unified School District and other school districts now provide 6th graders with condoms. The biggest one I ask is are you prepared to handle if she gets pregnant? Reply to this article Reply. All students need to do is talk to a school counselor and a 6th grader can get a condom. In therapy often boys will tell me they think they are ready for sex.

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Be transparent. Register for a user. I also need to ask are you having oral sex?

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The rules of replying: Be respectful. If we are going to do what is best for kids, we need to help them feel safe to discuss sex with us. It is not uncommon for kids in the 6th grade to be sexually active. If parents act like sex is something to be ashamed about won't ask their parents questions.

The question that always gets me is when they ask how they can get a condom? The main problems I see with the school handing a 6th grader a condom is no one is really discussing with the child, are they really ready to be sexually active?

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Want to post on Patch? This is a space for friendly local discussions. I often hear I would be too embarrassed to go buy condoms. This post was contributed by a community member.


A girl can still get pregnant using a condom. I also ask are they ready for the emotions that go along with sex? My response is if you are too embarrassed to by them then in my opinion you are not emotionally ready for sex. When I ask what it is, I am told we are just messing around.

Parents cannot wait until their child starts High School anymore. Michael Rubino, Ph. Posted Tue, Oct 17, at pm PT. Find out what's happening in Pleasant Hill with free, real-time updates from Patch.

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This is not reality. If sees you are not embarrassed or ashamed they will be more likely to ask you questions before they do something. The views expressed in this post are the author's own. I often hear yes to oral sex and I am told but that is not sex. The kids can be told how to use a condom but no one will be discussing the emotional issues and responsibility involved with sex.

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When I work with middle school and high school students these days I need to ask are you sexually active? No racist, discriminatory, vulgar or threatening language will be tolerated. For more information about Dr. Rubino and his work visit his website at www. Would you give a boy in the 6th grade a condom? I don't think anyone feels a 6th grader is ready for sex, but it is happening every day. We need to think about that point. May be you may not agree with them about their opinions, but they need to know they can talk with you and don't have to be afraid of getting into trouble.

It is also crazy why we are saying don't have sex, when society is telling boys if you want to be a "man" you can't be a virgin and girls are told if you want a boyfriend you have to give him sex. Use your real name, and back up your claims. Yes it is shocking that 6th graders are having sex.

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Sexual activity should be something you discuss with your child from preschool on. Are the boy and girl prepared for this situation if it occurs. We need real sex education in school and at home. The views expressed here are the author's own.

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Many middle school kids equate oral sex with kissing. Also we need parents not to be embarrassed or shy about talking to their kids about sex. I often encourage teens to try talking to their parents explaining that their parents feel just as awkward as they do, but the embarrassment will pass. Also how much information can be provided in one 30 minute talk. If we want to keep our children safe then we need to stop making sex such a forbidden subject. Also 6th graders are not always paying attention so they may not know how to use a condom appropriately.

Sex is not a game and we are treating it like a game. For 6th graders to think oral sex is the same as kissing is crazy. This is a huge decision to make and I don't think a 6th grader is mature enough to make it.

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I also remind them they only have one first time. I have had to become comfortable discussing the subject because many parents tell their teen to ask me.

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Why are schools considering this option? This doesn't help kids in 6th grade.

This article discusses how middle school are sexual activity and some schools give 6th graders condoms

From my experience working with teens, they usually start thinking about birth control after they are all ready sexually active. Thank Reply 1 Share. Of course not going into specific details, but talking at an age appropriate manner. Review the Patch Community Guidelines. I tell them you can buy them at any drug store.

Also parents you must start the conversation. Let's go! I ask them are you sure this is the girl you want to have your first time with? Also no one will be asking the child if they are ready for this step and are they prepared if the girl gets pregnant? Michael Rubino has over 20 years experience working with teens in middle and high school and is considered an expert in this area.

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You can still catch an STD using a condom so the 6th grader needs to tell their primary care doctor they are sexually active. They are considering this option because research is showing that teens are becoming sexually active at younger and younger ages.

There is a great amount of responsibility that goes along with being sexually active. In my opinion handing 6th graders condoms will result in more teens being sexually active who are not emotionally ready to be sexually active. If we don't the consequences can be severe for everyone involved.

Keep it local and relevant. The main reason I hear from teens about why they don't talk to their parents is they are afraid their parents will get mad, they will get a lecture and get into trouble. I think a better way to handle the issue is to look at what we are teaching them in the movies, television shows and video games they are watching and playing.

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I have teens telling me they won't ask their parents because it's too odd talking to their parents about sex. Parents you also need to let your child know they can discuss sex with you. The kids need classes in 4th and 5th grade which explain in detail about different sexual acts and the risk they are taking even if they use a condom. I understand that the San Francisco Schools are trying to protect their students, but I don't think this is the best way to do it.